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Jan 7, 2013 06:52 PM

Café for Meetup

Can anyone recommend a fairly central (i.e. downtown, Plateau, St-Henri-ish) café that would be good for a small meetup of approximately 12-20 people, that would let us reserve a section?

The only one I can think of is Café Pi on St-Laurent - are there any others?

thanks a bunch!

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  1. Croissanterie on Hutchison? We reserved for 10 once in the back. But it's still not that big. Cagibi has that big room in the back for events-maybe they'd let you use that? I guess if you want good drink/food, food courts are out? A bunch of us met once at the train station food court and we ordered stuff from Second Cup and Premiere Moisson(though it was an afternoon and if you're meeting at night, this may not work so good).

      1. Juliette & Chocolat? A bit more than a cafe, but the St. Laurent location has a ton of room and can reserve a large table in the back. If everyone is willing to order a coffee drink (more expensive than other places), it should be fine.

        1. Van Houtte at 2027 Metcalfe has a room at the back, with big tables and space for 15-20 ppl, that you can reserve. 514-849-5466

          You could also try Kafein on Bishop. You can't reserve in advance, but if you're meeting during off-hours (eg. a weekend afternoon) you're pretty much guaranteed to have the entire downstairs.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions! It'll be a weekday evening.

            I'll pass these along to my co-organizers and I'll be sure to report back about where we ended up.