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Jan 7, 2013 06:46 PM

Need restaurant NEAR 21st + Bway

Tomorrow I'm meeting my mama (who has a hard time walking too far) for dinner. Can't deal with too long a wait around 6:30pm.

Any ideas??

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  1. Aldea. Great food, great service, 17th and 5th. Availability.

    A Voce Madison. Wonderful Italian, nice space. 26th and Madison.

    1. Given all the factors you mention, Craftbar. Try calling them for reservations.

        1. I second the Aldea rec and will also throw in Girogio's of Gramercy as a back up.

          1. Craftbar is quite nice, and will have dishes to suit various appetites.

            I used to like Basta pasta, but my last visit was less than wonderful