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Jan 7, 2013 06:22 PM

Alcohol at Antico or Hankook?

I'm having dinner with a friend, and drinks will be needed! I'm thinking about Antico Pizza Napoletana or Hankook Taquería - do either serve alcohol? (Beer & wine is fine with us.)


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  1. Antico used to be BYOB. Not sure what the deal is these days.

    1. antico definitely has beer--you order it upfront when you order your pizza and tey hand it to you as you wait for a place to sit on the benches

      1. When we were at Antico this weekend, I saw folks brining in their own craft beers in big, old-fashioned moonshine type jugs. I was very intrigued. I ordered a prosecco split at the counter when we were paying for our pizza and calzone.

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          It's called a "growler." A relatively-recent addition to the beer scene in GA. Basically, someone realized that it wasn't illegal, if you had a retail off-premise license, to sell draft beer to go in a jug. Now there are lots of beer stores that have taps to fill growlers. Unfortunately, it's still illegal for a brewpub or brewery to do the same. There's a bill in the legislature to address that, but it's opposed by the wholesalers, retailers, etc.

          1. re: ted

            Cool! Haven't noticed anyone in N.C. with the growlers, but then I am not sure if we have establishment that still let you BYOB. I'd really like to know that because the concept is pretty darn cool! Thanks so much for the explanation!