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Jan 7, 2013 06:02 PM

Paul Bocuse in Lyon France


A query in relation to the Paul Bocuse restaurant in Lyon. I have explored the website and seen the menus. Does anyone know if the prices are cheaper at lunch time? I can't find separate lunch prices on the website.


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  1. Usually, the prices for 3* restaurants are the same at lunch and dinner; with the exception of specific lunch menu.

    I don't think Bocuse has a "lunch" special, the closest is the "Menu Classique" @ 150E.


    1. Bocuse has lent his name to a professional cooking school in Ecully in the Lyon countryside. It's located (in part) in a beautiful chateau, where they have an excellent restaurant. Prices are quite moderate, and quite frankly, I thought the food there was better than at Bocuse's namesake place. (Sorry if some hounds find that slanderous.)

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        Perhaps salacious. Good info about the restaurant in Ecully, though.
        Lunch or dinner, the price is equally steep at Bocuse proper.
        He might not be around too much longer, no need to give any discounts.

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          "(Sorry if some hounds find that slanderous.)" The slander is anyone going to Collonges after 1970.

          1. We're going in a few weeks for dinner. I looked at the restaurant website and there are 3 types of menus. There are 6 of us, and I am wondering if two of us could take 'Classique', while the other 2 pairs try 'Bourgeois' and 'Grande Tradition'?. Or must the whole table participate in the same menu?