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Tin of biscotti I need to use

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Any recipes using ground up biscotti? Good quality in an unopened main bag, I just don't eat them.

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  1. I suppose you could make rum balls. Why do you not eat biscotti?

    1. Grind the biscotti up and use on ice cream, whipped cream etc.
      Chop and add to cookies.

      1. Use them as you would graham crackers when making a crust for pie or cheesecake.

          1. I've used ground/crumbled as a self-made granola--great with milk. Can also use the crumbles on top of yogurt. With some fruit, it's a great breakfast.

            1. Are they already ground up? If not, I think you could make a pretty amazing bread pudding with them. If they're already crushed, cheesecake or anything that calls for that kind of cookie crust would work. As a savory application, people often use gingersnaps to thicken sauerbraten gravy, so I'm sure you could use biscotti that way, too

              1. You aren't restricted to grinding them! They make great bread pudding if you soak them in the milk mixture for a while before baking. Also works well for variations on Tirami Su or Trifle.