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Jan 7, 2013 04:41 PM

New cooking show worth watching.

On the Food Network in Canada I watched a fast paced Gordon Ramsay Show called Ultimate Cookery. What a good show!
The show's concept is to demonstrate skills to the viewer to improve their skills as home cooks. The meals demonstrated by chef Gordon Ramsay are meant to represent a hundred core recipes.
There are 20 episodes being made. I loved the first show. It started in the UK in October 2012. Lots of info and technique and surprisingly......didn't hear the F word once!

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  1. Yes, I've been watching it here as well.

    Unfortunately, he's being stingy re: posting any of the recipes online. You have to buy the accompanying book.

    While I have absolutely zero problem with chefs making $$$ via their cookbooks, I only buy cookbooks from tv chefs when I've been able to view at least a sampling of recipes from their shows. Most tv chefs do this, but both Gordon Ramsay & Jaime Oliver are the absolute stingiest in this regard, thus I own none of their cookbooks. Their loss.

    1. Bummer.... I just searched for it in my area (US), but nothing.

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      1. re: ButterYum

        Go to Food Network Canada, there is a link on the home to watch it.

        1. re: realtorav8tor

          Yes, there's a link, but US access is denied.

        2. re: ButterYum

          The show has been running in the daytime at least on BBC America. At least two episodes back to back around noon time today.

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            Okay, noticed it again yesterday on the schedule so I looked it up. BBC America is running the show almost daily at noon with two episodes back to back. Today and tomorrow at 12:00 noon EST is episode 13 and 14 respectively. On January 16, the series starts over with the first episode. Here's the link to BBC America:


          2. Ugh. I just couldn't watch a show with him in it.

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            1. re: Jay F

              I was hoping to find it too. I'm starving for something new. Food Network is going to hell in a hand basket. It's like the only show they have is DDD. Ugh.

              1. re: Jay F

                It's one of the rare recent examples where he's not being a complete and utter twat. Informative at times, and worth at least skimming through.

              2. I live in the UK and watched the full series when it aired. Really good quality, instructional show with good recipes. Got the book as soon as I saw it in store!

                Not one of his usual swearing tirade filled 'reality' shows so definitely worth a watch!

                1. I am not usually a fan of Ramsay's persona but I enjoyed this series. It's full of good solid home cooking recipes with hardly a cheffy twitch amongst them. I was gob-smacked that I actually wanted to buy one of his books.