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Jan 7, 2013 04:32 PM

Longing-for-an-eggnog-latte help needed

Can anyone help me? I'm longing for a homemade eggnog latte but since the market stopped selling Horizon lowfat eggnog, or any eggnog, I can no longer make them. I tried making eggnog this morning, and maybe it was a bad recipe, but it wasn't good. I'm thinking a flavored syrup may be what I need. Any suggestions? I hear Torani is too sweet, but what's the alternative? Help me!

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  1. Do you actually want an eggnog latte... with coffee? I'm guessing no.

    One whole egg, whisked well with one tablespoon of sugar, in a wide latte cup if you have one. Steam your milk. Slowly whisk the milk into the egg. Grind some nutmeg on top. Add more sugar if you like.

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      Actually, yes, eggnog latte with espresso. Delish! And I miss it so!