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Jan 7, 2013 04:05 PM

Grittiest restaurant

What is the grittiest restaurant you've been to in the outer boroughs? For me it's a certain stall in golden mall basement. Very gritty

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  1. This stall; by any chance, do they make noodles?

    1. Any restaurant described as a "stall" sounds gritty to us non-NYers, yikes!

      1. Definitely one of the grittiest bathrooms I've ever seen in the States.

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        1. re: mookleknuck

          In the Golden Mall, there is a pretty ok bathroom in the restaurant at the dead end. If you're standing with the dumpling stand (great variety of inexpensive dumplings, by the way) on your right, you'll be facing this restaurant maybe 3 stalls down. Walk, turn right into the restaurant, past the tables, end of hall. Rest rooms.

          Unless of course these are the ones you thought were the worst... then I'd have to show you where the really bad ones are :-)

          1. re: Steve R

            Perhaps mookleknuck is referring to the downstairs bathrooms at Golden Mall...

            1. re: rschwim

              The bathroom in the basement that is a tiny closet. No lights. No toilet paper. Grime and human waste everywhere. I wasn't so hungry after seeing that...

        2. Fiza Diner on Hillside ave. It is a dirty restaurant in a DiFara way. Tables to eat at but nobody to clean them. Sink in the corner, right in the seating area. Serve yourself box freezer that looks like the one from Texas Chain Saw Massacre next to the tables that is half full of kulfi pops. Just downright grimey. A little while ago they renovated and moved out the sink but the food service situation remains the same. Dirty greasy crumb covered tables with plastic water jugs.Great tandoor dishes and fantastic keema. Big choice of vegetables as well as brain dishes for the adventerous. Even the people behind the counter look like they could use a shower or at least some clean clothing. I get everything to go.

          1. Savor Fusion was the worst. They shut it down a couple of months ago.

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            1. re: johnk

              I went to Savor Fusion maybe a dozen times and never noticed anything dirty or grimy

              1. re: AubWah

                Surprised to hear that. I went twice. First time to grab food to go and the second time to sit and eat after a Mets game.
                The floors, tables and chairs were covered with a greasy sheen...Dumplings and Lamb Noodle Soup were great though..
                Dept. of Health shut them down...