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Jan 7, 2013 03:40 PM

Recommendation for tomorrow night - Your thoughts very appreciated!

I'd really appreciate your ideas for tomorrow night, Tuesday 1/8. I'm clearly late in planning this, so help me punt and come up with something good!

Here's what I'm working with:
- I'm visiting NYC for work and am meeting up with my parents (also visiting, flying from JFK on Wednesday) and my cousin.
- We'd like to do dinner together, knowing that everyone has big days on Wednesday, so we need to keep it early.
- We're staying in Chinatown (Henry St), but I know my parents do not want Chinese food.
- Without your stellar advice, my inclination would be to go to Marc Forgione or Locanda Verde, but I can't get reservations until 9pm -- too late for this crew.
- Although that kind of rules them out (I think - do you think we'd have luck with either walking in?), those are two places that appeal in terms of food, atmosphere, and price. I say that based on having gone to MF and reading about Locanda Verde.
- We'd like to keep to a contiguous-ish neighborhood, to keep it walkable.

Any thoughts? I'd really like to enjoy a nice meal together - if I don't have something planned, I know my mom and she'd just suggest grabbing some things from a deli or grocery and I can't do that with so many good options close by. Ideas welcome and appreciated!

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    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

      Thanks, though I think they both look a little more expensive than I'd like. I should clarify that Marc Forgione and Locanda are on the upper end of what I'd like to spend. Not comfortable going much higher...

      1. re: LunaJack218

        PUBLIC, and it looks like they have a 6:00 for 4 available.

        1. re: Spiritchaser

          Ah, I'm feeling so difficult... I forgot to mention the other time constraint - I doubt we'll be able to get to dinner until 7 at the earliest. Best times would be between 7 and 8. Not ideal at the last minute, I know.

            1. re: Spiritchaser

              Public? This is a good choice given my limitations?

              1. re: LunaJack218

                Nevermind that last question - I looked at the menu and remembered having checked it out before. 7:30 reservation. Thank you all for your prompt help! I'll report back...

    2. Possible options that fit your time/location/cost requirements and show OpenTable availability

      Apizz (solid Italian, pretty room, on a dead street in the LES, much quieter than Locanda Verde and imo better for parents)

      La Sirene (French, BYOB so save on costs if plan to drink)

      Balaboosta (Mediterranean, have heard complaints about portion size, but they're fine for me)

      Public (eclectic international, probably the most upscale of the available options)

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      1. re: downtownchica

        Thanks! We have the Public reservation now that I'm not panicking, I'll be sure the check out Apizz and La Sirene.

        1. re: LunaJack218

          i like the food a La Sirene though the food is a bit old timey; you will be sitting in close quarters. They should charge more for the wine and give you a little room to spread out. And I am not one who likes to pay for atmosphere over food.