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Jan 7, 2013 03:07 PM

Modern Restaurant and Pizzeria's new location in New Rochelle - anybody been there yet?

Has anybody been to the new space yet? They used to be in a tucked away spot near the old Thruway Diner on Boston Post Road in NewRo but they've recently moved up the road a little to Huguenot Street. I saw photos of the new space and it looks great and heard they opened the new location on NYE.

I hadn't been to the old spot in a while but always enjoyed their food and brick oven pizza. Had a family friend from LI who always insisted on eating there whenever he was in the area and he may be back up next weekend and he's already asking about the place. Any reviews of the new location?

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  1. Very nice inside compared to old place. The same exact menu with a few additions.

    1. I was there last night. I'll start by saying most importantly, the food is outstanding. Better than ever. Spicy fried calamari app is amazing.
      However, this is not the Modern we loved in the former location. It is now a large, noisy, crowded, dark, and trendy generic restaurant many would see as the antithesis of their former self.
      Modern used to be special for its unique homey and family setting with friendly waiters who we recognized on every visit.
      But now it is an impersonal, anonymous mess.
      I'll return, but I think reluctantly.
      We'll see how long it takes for their prices to reach "trendy" highs.

      1. Thanks SeanPK and Jumper46 for sharing your experiences. The flu bug changed our plans and we haven't yet tried the new location. One of the things I enjoyed, aside from the food, was the atmosphere of the former space. It was relaxed and intimate. I'm hoping that, over time, a similar feeling develops in the new space.