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Jan 7, 2013 01:52 PM

Huell Howser and that Chocolate Milk

Sad news, Huell Howser Dead at Age 67. Huell's friendly voice and kind smile were always made his shows pleasant. I always liked how he was willing to share the camera with all others who he was visiting, sometimes with his back to the camera as he interviewed them; no ego, a genuine human being! One of his episodes, loved by L.A, Chowhounds, is the one about Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy in Montebello, CA. They make the best chocolate milk and egg nog and still sell it in glass bottles; "California Gold!" Broguiere's made a special bottle with Huell's smiling face and a caption, "Favorite Visitor." I have over a dozen of these collector bottles and they have made nice gifts to special people. I once asked a counter person at Broguiere's whether Huell has returned since filming that episode and he told me that Huell would drop in when he was is in the area. He would get a quirt of chocolate milk, open the bottle and drive away. Then a few minutes later he would return and say, "Let me have one more please," and trade in the empty bottle. I thought I was the only person to do that.

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  1. Hi JeetJet,
    It's been a while or two - I hope you're well... I was shocked by the news. Huell was probably the best unofficial ambassador for our state, having a heart of gold, the curiosity of a kid, and a sensibility to keeps things simple and fun. He's always been a Chowhound of sorts, visiting places like the Cobbler Factory way back in his, "Videolog" days. I hope there's a run on that chocolate milk as a tribute to a wonderful human being. I will truly miss him...

    1. RIP Huell, definitely California's Gold.

      My favorite episode is the one where he goes to Stan's Donut in Westwood. Stan shows him the fryer and tells him his not-so-healthy-secret cooking method. Huell tells Stan, "are you sure you want that on air?" The day after that episode aired, Stan's Donut had a B rating by the LA County Department of Public Health. I still go to Stan's though. :)

      1. Tonight, I bought a bottle of that delicious Brougiere's chocolate milk with his face on the glass bottle.

        1. I loved his inside In N Out Burger episode. He was the only person with a film crew they ever let inside their company. Huell will be missed. Pink's still has a hot dog named after him. "The Huell (Howser) Dog - 2 hot dogs Chili, cheese, mustard, onions in one bun."

          1. <is the one about Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy>

            I remember the episode well....because of that episode and Huell's excitement and enthusiasm I purchased it at my local market and it's the only milk I'll let enter my home.
            He was such a decent man with such old fashioned gentlemanly mannerisms. The world has lost a genuinely good human being.

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              Up until now I had not thought about Huell in relation to CH. He really brought us interesting stories of places that were also very much chow worthy. In his heart he was one of us. RIP!