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Jan 7, 2013 01:49 PM

Business colleague dinner in/near Yorkville...~10ppl

Hi hounds,

A colleague of mine from Montreal will be organizing a dinner for her team in Toronto. They will all be traveling from Montreal and are wondering where a great spot would be near the Yorkville area. They will be staying/working at the Park Hyatt. Great food is a must - most of them are "foodies" themselves!! Any suggestions would be fantastic. It will be a weeknight, and the reservation would need to be for about 10-12 people. Mid-range or slightly higher priced is okay, but nothing massively exorbitant. (~$120-~130/pp including tax and gratuities maximum)

Many thanks in advance for your ideas!

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  1. Are you willing to take a short cab ride? Yorkville isn't a foodie-type neighbourhood. Expensive, yes. Good, not so much.

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      Yes - I'm sure a short cab ride would be fine. Especially for better food and better value.

    2. I suggest Opus, Fieramosca, ll Posto, Mistura, Pangaea or Cafe Boulud.

      Opus has a nice private room that could seat 10.

      One might be another option.

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        Absolutely Opus!
        With advance notice (and guarantee) should be able to get a tasting menu too.

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          Thanks for the suggestions, prima. Opus does look fantastic but I think it might be a bit too expensive for the budget. Is there somewhere with mains that aren't as pricey?

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            3 years ago, I was part of a group that had a 3 course set menu dinner at Opus for $60/person, including tax and tip, if I recall correctly, because I think we paid in advance, then paid for wine/coffee at the end of the dinner. While prices have probably gone up since then,since food costs have increased considerably, Opus might be able to do a set menu for somewhere around $75-$80 pp.

            I'd think ll Posto and Mistura could do a set menu for $50pp pre-tax, pre-tip, since Mistura manages to offer Winterlicious for $45pp.I'd call any of the restaurants I've mentioned, to see what they could offer the group. It's a slow time for restaurants, and some might be willing to offer a more reasonable price than usual for a group of 10.

            For less expensive mains, suitable for a business dinner, outside of Yorkville, I'd recommend Le Select (10 minute taxi from Yorkville) or Globe Earth (kind of boring, 5 minute taxi). Nota Bene has some prix fixe pre-theatre offers that would also work for your budget, but it's a loud restaurant for a table of 10, and conversation might be impossible. Terroni at Summerhill might also work for a group of 10.

          2. re: prima

            Second Mistura and Pangaea in this hood.

          3. Yorkville doesn't have a lot of great food places but I've enjoyed our meetings in Mideastro. They have a small private room (not sure if it would fit 12) and their food is much more interesting than the usual fare in Yorkville restaurants.

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                At the risk of being pushy...JOSO's!!

                It has one of the best sea food offerings in this city and that is not something people go to everyday (i.e. bistro, italian, steak etc)

              2. Scaramouche should be within a 10-minute cab ride...