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Jan 7, 2013 01:44 PM

Gazala Place - Hummus and the City

Any Gazala fans out there?
After 2 lunches in the Hells Kitchen location I'm more convinced this is one of the better Hummus/Falafel joints in the city if not the best. The hummus especially really took me back. Some of the freshest, smoothest Hummus Ive had here and Ive tried many of the heavyweights including the nearby Hummus Kitchen which I like as well.
But I'll guarantee at least one thing. This has to be the best Druze restaurant with Russian waitresses in Hells Kitchen.

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  1. I used to be a big fan of Gazala's, but the prices climbed more and more, so I soured on them. I do agree that their hummus is magnificent, and I also like their laban a lot. Actually, their meze platters are generally quite excellent.

    1. Calling Gazala a hummus/falafel joint is a little reductive. Kind of like calling Minetta Tavern a burger joint. Beyond hummus (I haven't tried the falafel), they have some very good main dishes. I'm particularly fond of the bourekas, kafta kababs and the freshly made kenafeh, which is a rare treat in Manhattan.

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        I agree, but with such a big Hummus presence in its menu which is bigger than the Hummus Kitchen and as big as Hummus Place, it's not as far fetched as you say. But point taken.
        Its been a while since I had a good Kenafeh so I'll try it next thanks