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Jan 7, 2013 01:25 PM

Top Five Sandwiches in San Diego

Borrowing (cough, stealing) a discussion idea from the LA board, what are your top five choices for sandwiches in San Diego?

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  1. Do we have to name five, or just a few favorites?

    Or one?

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    1. re: Fake Name

      wSince when have the elite been constrained by a topic's limitations? :)

      1. re: Gypsy Jan


        In that case, I'll start the reply of the elite:

        It's simply impossible to find a decent- nay- even minimally acceptable sandwich in this backwater 'burg called San Diego. Nothing can possibly measure up to my very high taste and standards which, by mere association, tells you all about ME- the single most important subject of my posts.

        One would have to travel very far, and by mere association, tells you about how far I travel and the great depth of my very high standards for both food and travel.

        Thusly typed, I'm damn fond of the Italian Village Special (without pepperoncini) from Grab 'n Go on India.

        As it was between my studio downtown and home for many years, I must have eaten hundreds of these sandwiches. They are another in-the-car food with a technique for consumption, and have the additional hazard of dripping oil/vinegar. One must unwrap the meal and handle the waxed-paper wrapper and the long, skinny paper bag in a particular way (a technique that is proprietary and shall not be licensed or sold) to avoid oil drips in embarassing places on one's clothing.

        These are not to be eaten prior (even hours) to a client meeting or, in The Dark Old Days when there was no Mrs Name, a date.

        However. I do not warrant, in any way, especially to He From The North Who No Longer Shares Our Village, that these are "Italian". Nor from any "Village" and possibly not even "Special".

        They're just sandwiches I particularly enjoy because I'm hopelessly ignorant and lacking any discrimination whatsoever in my choices of foods, flavors and anything else.

        1. re: Fake Name

          Oh My Dear J, (referencing my amazement, (me not the religious), your essays, especially the one on soup, but all your oeuvre should be packaged and printed in book form

          1. re: Gypsy Jan

            I'll admit, Fakey is on a roll..
            Maybe someone will start reading Fakey's post on YouTube..ha ha ha

            1. re: Beach Chick

              Truth is I'm supposed to be writing about photographing a helicopter, and I'm procrastinating. Amazing how the copy flows when you're not getting paid. Arrgh.

          2. re: Fake Name


            No doubt it will surprise you to learn that I was quite a fan of Mimmo's, and used to frequent them when they only had the one location. A few years after that I worked in the India St. Design Center across from Grab-n-Go and maintained a monthly tab there.

            I did eschew convention, though, by mainly sticking to the Tunisia or the Grilled Cheese Feta - so I guess you have me there, Mr. Champion Of The Plebs.

      2. Olive Tree Market - Bacado
        Tiger! Tiger! - Wood-fired pork belly banh mi (not always on menu)
        Mona LIsa Deli - Sopressata sub - and I walked over to Bottlecraft, bought a bomber of GF West Coast IPA and enjoyed them both there.

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        1. re: Stiflers_Mom

          I've not eaten a lot of quality sandwiches in San Diego and was a bit embarrassed to contribute, but I'll concur on Tiger! Tiger!'s banh mi.

        2. They are making an excellent Grilled Cheese of the Day at the new Brother's Provisions in Rancho Bernardo. I've been twice.....excellent both times.

          1. Turkey Cobb: Con Pane
            BBQ Pork Banh Mi: Pont Loma Pho
            Ham and butter on mini-baguette: Bread & Cie
            Fired Scallop: Point Loma Seafood
            Capicolla with Provolone: Mona Lisa

            1. I don't have five, but one of my favorites is the Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Chez Nous (Scripps Ranch).