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Best Sandwiches in MSP

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what are your faves.

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    1. Can't get one right now, but my vote goes to the Grilled Catfish Po'boy at Sea Salt.

      1. Meatloaf at Cheeky Monkey.

        1. The Fish Taco Torta at Tilia.

            1. The pork terrine sandwich with green apple slaw at Pat's Tap. One of the best sandwiches I have ever had.

              1. Seconded on the Sea Salt and Tilia choices.

                I'll add:

                -Roast beef or Turkey at Bronco's in Anoka.
                -Pulled pork (with slaw) at Q Fanatic.
                -Roast beef at Maverick's in Roseville.

                1. It's not exactly food truck season at the moment, but when spring comes around that's where the best local sandwiches live, in my opinion. A few favorites of note:

                  The Shrimp Po' Boy from the Smack Shack. To me that one is the star of the truck, over even their more acclaimed Lobster Roll.

                  The Chicken Pasilla Sandwich from Get Sauced. It's not an every day sandwich, but it's a reoccurring daily special worth seeking out.

                  The Korean BBQ Banh Mi, from Velli Deli. A perfect marriage of Korean flavors and a classic Vietnamese sandwich.

                  The Slow Roasted Pork Arepa from Hola Arepa. Arepas count as sandwiches, right?

                  The Grilled Ham & Brie sandwich from Dandelion Kitchen. Every sandwich on this truck is outstanding, but the Grilled Ham & Brie is the standout among standouts in my book.

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                    You can get the Shrimp Po' Boy from the Smack Shack at the 1029 bar anytime.

                  2. I'll nominate the pastrami sandwich at Be'wiched and the "Cubana" torta at Andale in Richfield.

                    1. Bahn mi from Pho Tau Bay

                      Pork sandwich at Sanora Grill

                      anything from Brasa

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                        Oooh, good call...Brasa's veggie black bean fritter is amazing.

                      2. Almost anything from the St. Paul Cheese Shop. Though the prosciutto and brie with olive oil is a particular favorite. Had one last week with bacon, Roquefort, pears, and honey, too...Yeah, like I said, anything.

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                          Agreed. SPCS is one of my favorite places to go if I'm ever near the Grand/Snelling intersection. Their specials are always outstanding.

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                            Yes...good suggestion on St. Paul Cheese Shop.

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                              Is there any seating at SPCS, or is it take out only?

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                                They have one or two tables inside with a couple chairs, and a couple more outside when the weather's nice. So, yep, mostly takeout.

                            2. Love the ham and brie paninni at Cheeky Monkey

                              1. My all-time favorite sandwich was the fried egg at the late, great Town Talk, but I guess I have to come to terms with that. So I'll add:
                                - Manny's Special torta
                                - chicken salad at Dandelion truck
                                - beef bocadillo from Sonora Grill
                                - beef brisket or roast beef from Maverick's
                                - Lobster roll from Smack Shack
                                - Turkey Panini from Buster's

                                1. I agree Clancy's has amazing sadwiches

                                  1. Whatever they make at Surdyks. All of their sandwiches are ridiculously good.

                                    1. The pork bocadillo from Sonora (possibly my fav in the city, definitely sub eggplant fries for spuds).

                                      Sasha from Cecil's Deli- hot pastrami, swiss cheese, "bird sauce", and a fried egg on rye. Crazy good.

                                      Mac's Industrial has a mean reuben (and killer beer).

                                      Pork Leg Torta at El Taco Riendo (you have to ask for pork leg, otherwise they give you sliced ham, shhh it's a secret).

                                      Gyro from The Black Sea or Filfillah

                                      Patty Melt at Manning's

                                      Any sandwich from the St. Paul Cheese Shop

                                      Bahn Mi from... well almost anywhere along University (would love to hear people's rec's).

                                      Crawdad Po' Boy at Sea Salt

                                      Juicy Nookie at The Nook

                                      Roast Beef at Clancey's

                                      The Geo Dog at Uncle Franky's

                                      Walleye Po' Boy at Eli's East

                                      Ok... that's all I can think of for now. Happy eating!

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                                        Could a person bring older kids to Mac's for lunch and not feel too wrong? What about the Nook?

                                        1. re: splatgirl

                                          Definitely both are kid friendly. I bring my nephews all the time.

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                                              OH! Finally got to try the Reuben at Mac's a couple of weeks ago. LOVED it. I went at a weird time, the service sucked and the rings of fire were dead cold when they hit our table, but I can tell those would be addictively good, too.

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                                          Bahn mi from iPho by Saigon are my favorites. Order 3 and they give you 4.

                                        3. Some great suggestions on this thread!

                                          I would add sandwiches at the France 44 Cheese Shop. I've had the fennel salami, cheddar, garlic confit, and olive oil; pulled pork, pickles, provolone; speck, Stickney Hill chevre, olive tapenade, and greens; and sweet chorizo, manchego, quince paste, harissa, and greens. All excellent.

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                                            I love their sandwiches. However, I have been reluctant to recommend them as their prices are going steadily up. Clancy's is on par cost wise, but the portions justify their price. I know they are using high quality ingredients, but they are becoming less of a go-to and more of an occasional treat.
                                            (Also, I got their chef's choice/surprise once and they put potato chips on it. Surprisingly delicious!)

                                          2. South Jersey Hoagie on baguette from Broder's Deli. For a healthier version, sub out the fatty Italian meat for turkey and provalone. Delsih.

                                            1. The lobster club at YUM!
                                              I forget about this, and last time I went it wasn't on the menu. But it's BAAAACCK, and everything about it is a home run other than the winter tomato. The way it's served on a split thick slice of grilled, toasty, buttery Challah. The thick cut bacon. The avocado. The aioli. The lobstah, of course. Plus their fries are absolutely stellar every single time I've had them.
                                              I really think Yum is five stars across the board in the casual dining category. I wish I could go there more often. Next time I'm going to remember to bring my water bottle--their tiny glasses are my singular criticism. Having to get up to refill my water in the middle of my meal is uber annoying.


                                                1. Biscuit Sandwich, Clint Style at Butter. It's your basic fried egg on a biscuit with a slice of cheddar (but better, because their biscuits are really good), but when you get it Clint style they add a garlicy sauce and slices of avocado and sprouts and it's suddenly something you can eat for Sunday brunch 15 weeks in a row and still crave it (I might be exaggerating a little, but not much).

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                                                    That one is pretty tasty. I also like their basic breakfast biscuit with bacon and tomato.