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Has Guy Fieri invaded your grocery store yet?

Because suddenly he's all over mine. I was looking for a steak yesterday and this obnxious package caught my eye. It was Guy Fieri carne asada. As I continued to shop he kept turning up, especially in the frozen section.
I'm just curious to know if any of you hounds have gone all in and tried any of his stuff.
If you haven't seen him yet, I'm sure you will soon. It's very hard to miss.

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  1. I've seen that at Target. But I haven't tried it, it's not like carne asada is difficult to make from scratch.

    1. I also saw it at SuperTarget, they have a couple of his seasoned meats. The one thing I am good at cooking is meat so I didn't think about buying them.

      Not too hard to season a hunk of beef.

      1. Hmmm, maybe this is just a Target thing, like Giada sauces. That's where I saw it, too. It's my "feelin' lazy" store because it's about 2 minutes away.

        1. They should put him in with the krab, margarine, cheese product and the other phony imitation stuff.

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          1. Costco carries a number of his products. Haven't tried them. They seem a little pricey for what you get.

            1. No, I haven't noticed this. But then I don't hang out in the Freezer section of my grocery store:-)

              1. No. But I never buy "pre-marinated" meat. I don't marinate meat, either, I get good meat, salt and pepper it, throw it on the grill, squeeze some lime or lemon over it right before and after turning it, and call it good. No unwanted preservatives or ingredients. I wouldn't buy Fieri or Ray marinated meat on general principle

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                  I don't marinate meat either, back in my college days I would marinate it cause I could only afford meat that cost 99 cents a pound.

                  I mix salt pepper and olive oil and brush it on the meat and that's it.

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                    You never marinate meat? Not even chicken? Lamb? Some tougher beef cuts?

                    Granted, all a thick juicy rib-eye needs is s&p, but other cuts or meats can really benefit from a nice marinade.

                  2. Winner winner, chicken dinner. That's Money, dude. I'm grabbin' my flip flops an headin' on over to shop it up.....NOT.

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                    1. re: sedimental

                      I noticed that the front of the box of pepperoni eggrolls had a big arrow pointing to Flavortown! Ugh. I think I'll just stay on point and make my own food outside of Flavortown :p

                      1. re: alliegator

                        Pepperoni egg rolls? Sounds like an "Asian fusion" hot mess.

                        1. re: Kat

                          I looked it up, and I wasn't paying close enough attention to the box (or the chaotic packaging was burning my retinas) but they're pep pizza eggrolls. It may be a hot mess, but it's definitely "old skool".

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                            LOL re: "old skool", appreciate the pic! Yuk!

                            1. re: Kat

                              Always nice to go back to the good ole days when our local Chinese restaurant stuffed eggroll wrappers with pepperoni pizza toppings. Tasty times they were.

                              People amuse me.

                              1. re: nikkib99

                                I guess "old skool" refers to the fact that pizza rolls were a big hit in the 70's. That's 40 years ago. I guess that's old enough to be "old skool."

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                        In case any of you 'Hounds haven't seen it already, I thought you might enjoy this write-up of his Times Square restaurant: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/14/din...

                        1. I don't belong to Sam's Club (Team Costco) but I found this link to the reviews of their Fieri s'mores...very amusing


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                          1. re: coney with everything

                            wow. Ran a google of it and there was not a single link on google that had anything good to say.

                            (not that I'd actually expect anything different...)

                          2. I have not come across his products, but then again, I don't really shop in the frozen section unless I'm getting peas/carrots. I also shop at Trader Joe's a lot and African/Asian markets, and that's not something they stock.

                            IMO, if his products are being sold there, good for him. I happened to catch his Diners' show last night and I got grossed out after a few minutes. There's just something about the way he picks at foods being prepared and shovels down him gob that makes me want to slap him. But that's me. :)

                            Anyway, no I've not noticed his invasion. But good for him. He's not harming anyone.

                            1. I haven't noticed his frozen foods (not a big fan of frozen prepared foods myself), but I did notice a big display of his salsa last time I was th the supermarket. Astonishingly, I resisted the temptation to buy some ;)

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                                I tried one of Guy's salsas a year or two back when I randomly found it at BIG LOTS (an awesome place for discovering odd, unfamiliar, and non-local brands). It wasn't bad at all for a jarred salsa, smoky and pungent from chipotle peppers and garlic, if I recall.

                                I started seeing it at a lot more places in 2012, so I guess his brand has expanded with the rest of his empire. No desire to try any of his other products, though.

                              2. Saw the BBQ sauces right around XMas time.

                                With access to either my own homemade or a pleathora of local made BBQ sauces, I have no interest in trying out his goods.

                                Guy's s'more pizza is getting a HUGE beatdown on the Costco site to which I am not surprised. Seriouseats.com/Slice did a blurb on it.

                                Just another "dip my toe in the water" seller of hyped/rebranded goods that are just paying for a name.

                                Thank gawd I have not seen the vac pack meat nor frozen pizzas yet.

                                Even if they are good, my geuss is that they will be unavailable in the blink of an eye, as Guy's own website posters have metnioned.

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                                1. re: jjjrfoodie

                                  I imagine that "the spikey-haired dude's" business managers figure that his persona will carry the day, and net them good ROI.

                                  We are not impressed, but maybe we are in the minority?


                                2. All I've seen have been the BQQ sauces. I usually stay away from anything with a food network star on it but I think I read the ingredients list one time and saw HFCS on it, which is a deal breaker for me. Not sure though so don't quote me on that.

                                  1. Just BBQ sauce so far. Not sure I'd try any prepared foods without some pretty trustworthy reviews.

                                    1. Picked up one of those marinated/pre-seasoned Fieri tri tips at Costco a while back because it was rather inexpensive. Stuck it in the freezer thinking it might be good for an emergency or sometime when I didn't feel like cooking.

                                      That sometime happened to be today, so I grilled it up for dinner. Marinade wasn't awful - garlic/rosemary - but it was salty. But that wasn't the problem, the meat was w-a-y tough. I used to live not to far from Santa Maria, home of tri-tip BBQ and have cooked more than a few tri-tips. Can't remember ever producing one that chewed like a rubber band.

                                      Ya'll can pass on this item even when it is on sale.

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                                      1. re: DiningDiva

                                        I found this recipe about a year ago, it is fantastic, I make it X10 because I find myself using it all the time on almost anything beef.