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Jan 7, 2013 01:00 PM

Restaurant Recommendations in Downtown Montreal

Hello all!

I've been looking through some other posts on downtown montreal recommendations, but decided to post my own request. My boyfriend and I will be in Montreal this Saturday (the 12th) and leaving on the Monday (14th). We are looking to dine (breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner/dessert) at hot spots in downtown Montreal. In essence, want to hit the most recommended, must try places.

In terms of budget, we aren't looking for anything extremely pricey (as in, more than $50-60 per person) with the exception of Sunday night dinner. I was hoping to go somewhere nice and somewhat formal to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. I was hoping to pay for a meal that was ideally less than $150 for both of us together.

Here is the schedule for our weekend,

Saturday - Breakfast/Brunch; Lunch; Dinner
Sunday - Breakfast/Brunch; Lunch; Fancy Dinner
Monday - Breakfast/Brunch
All 3 Days - Dessert Places (Doesn't matter in what form, restaurant, street, etc..)

We are staying at the Montréal Marriott Château Champlain Hotel, 1 Place du Canada, Montreal, QC Canada H3B 4C9. We are also planning on going to Old Montreal on either Saturday or Sunday so any suggestions for restaurants in this area would be great as well!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

(Also we're still in the planning stages but if anyone has interesting activities/venues/etc... they can recommend, I'd appreciate it!)

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  1. What kind of food are you interested in ? or not at all ?

    2 close-by dinner suggestions (google for addresses and menus)

    Taverne Square Dominion : British-ish cuisine
    Nora Gray : Italian cuisine.

    For sunday, you'll probably have to leave downtown;

    There are no real "dessert" restaurant in Montréal; but the "Pain Perdu" at Lemeac is very good. (unfortunatly the best dessert chef at Les 400 coups is on vacation until the 15th).

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    1. re: Maximilien

      We are fans of all types of cuisines :)

      Those do sound good, I do like the look of Taverne Square Dominion.

      I have been reading through the other similar topics of restaurants in Montreal, and a few have peaked my interested.

      I was interested in going to the Kitchenette (for lunch), Lemeac (as you suggested for dinner), Milos, and Passe Compose.

      Any thoughts?

      1. re: ammaark

        You need to be downtown? There are interesting places on the Plateau and Mile End that are wonderful.

        1. re: JPR

          Well, we can always drive if necessary, we are bringing a car.

    2. Hi there,

      Even if you stay downtown you can take a cab and go where the action is.

      Is this your first time in Montreal ? If so you want to go to the landmarks places.

      Au Pied du Cochon, Toque, Milos, Gibby's, Joe Beef, Moishe's for high end quality experiences.

      You surely don't want to miss the Smoked Meat sandwiches at Schwartz altough in my book their quality is under par these days. I like the one across the street called Main steak house. Never order a lean sandwich, either medium or fat.

      for brunch I liked Sparrow on st-laurent. But avoid rush hour. Go early or late brunch.

      You may want to walk in the plateau borough or on laurier street in outremont if it's not to cold

      Here's a map of misc places with brunches.

      enjoy your stay and Happy New Year

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      1. re: maj54us

        We've both been to Montreal before, but we haven't been for years. I'm 24, and he's 28, and I believe the last time we went was in our teens.

        Thanks for the brunch tips! As I don't eat pork, it can be quite difficult to find a brunch restaurant that serves additional non-bacon items. Call me paranoid, but I'm a bit nervous asking for pork/bacon to be removed from a dish in Montreal!

        1. re: ammaark

          At that age, I think you'll find it more exciting outside of downtown - at least for one of your meals and for brunch. If you want to leave downtown and also want to have a drink or two, the Plateau is easily accessible via the Metro from your hotel - very simple: hop on the Orange line at Bonaventure and get off at Sherbrooke, Mont-Royal, or Laurier stations...or cab it...much better than driving in the snow.

          1. re: foodinspace

            If you are up that way, Lawrence is quite nice for dinner but reservationas are usually needed. I have heard that they have a very good Sunday brunch too.

            1. re: JPR

              Their weekend brunch is a favorite of mine!

              1. re: JPR

                That sounds really nice! I was looking for a nice place for brunch, thank you!

                1. re: ammaark

                  Note: Lawrence is off for holidays until Jan. 16th.

              2. re: foodinspace

                Thank you for the Metro tips! I was wondering what route we would take if we decided to use the Metro.

                I was also hoping to walk to Old Montreal which apparently is about a 30 minute walk from the hotel (contingent on the weather of course!).

                I think drinks is definitely needed! Do you have any suggestions at the Plateau?

          2. In terms of downtown your options for a good dinner basically begin and end with Ferreira cafe

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            1. re: juliangen

              I second Ferreira for downtown. Cafe Sardine for drinks on the Plateau area. Right next to Lawrence on the Plateau-Mile end border. I highly recommend that you go to Dieu du Ciel at 29 Ave Lauier Ouest for an ale. Best brewpub in Montreal if not the world. A few blocks from Lawrence and Cafe Sardine. If you walk to Old Montreal definitely check out Chinatown which is nearby. Try one of the Pho shops on St. Laurent to warm up.

            2. Afternoon desserts downtown: Olivier Potier on Sherbrooke
              Worldclass patisserie!l