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Jan 7, 2013 12:46 PM

The highest quality of meat in Buenos Aires

Dear Board!

Based on this knowledgeable board and a lot of time reading Guia Oleo and blogs, I hope that I have produced a list that containes the restaurants where the meat offered is at the very highest level in Buenos Aires:

Gran Parrilla del Plata
Don Julio
La Cabreta
La Brigada
La Choza

Are there any of these restaurants that should be replaced?

Are there any parrillas missing from it?

Some on this board say that a place like Cabana Las Lilas is a tourist trap and should be avoided, and that the best parrillas are small ”secret” parrillas in different neighborhoods. Others say that Las Ilas is indeed touristic but all the same very, very good if not the best in all of Buenos Aires. Therefore I get a little confused.

In this question I am only trying to learn about the quality of the meat offered and not the side dishes, the service and so on.

My second question would be if the parrillas listed, or new names that the board ads to it, have special cuts that should not be missed? For instance if one of them offers the very best Bife de chorizo and another of them has a special edge on serving Vacio and so on?

Finaly my third question would be whether any of these parrillas have Achaval Ferrer on the wine list? And if not, is it possible to bring your own wine at restaurants like these for a corkage fee?

If you can help me with this I would be very grateful!

Thank you!

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  1. I just got back from Argentina last week. The steak at Las Lilas was mediocre - far from our favorite. Don Julio ranked way, way ahead. (Other things at Las Lilas were nice, but the steak wasn't as great as we found it to be at other places.)

    1. 3 of us had a so-so dinner at La Brigada about a week ago. I hadn't been in a couple of years, and I am in no rush to go back. The meat was ok, but nothing like in the past (many visits over the past 5 years) and the service was atrocious.

      The meat quality overall has plummeted. 60%+ is now feedlot, and that which isn't is very expensive.

      As far as Achaval Ferrer, you might find it on several lists. Their wines have become way overpriced for their own good and I don't think are worth it anymore. I wouldn't bring wine along without asking a restaurant first.

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        Thank you so much sass and Imnopm!

        I understand from your replies that Las Lilas and La Brigada are overrated, while Don Julio is better.

        Where have you received the best quality of beef in Buenos Aires during the last years?