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Jan 7, 2013 12:30 PM

ISO Bon Appetit recipe from 70's for chocolate biscotti Conca D'Oro

I am DESPERATELY searching for a recipe that was in the RSVP column of a 1970's issue of Bon Appetit. It was for a chocolate biscotti type bar cookie that contained pignoli nuts, chocolate, whole almonds, apricot jam.
The recipe came from a local bakery in Union and Newark, NJ called Conca D'Oro.

My dad recently passed and this recipe which is a family favorite is now missing (We think he took it with him LOL). I am unsure of the month/year of the magazing but if anyone out there has a yearly index you may even be able to help me narrow down the timeframe so I can order an old copy! Thank you so much. PS - the cookies were fudgelike and may have included pistachios sprinkled on top. YUM!!

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  1. Perhaps they would still share. They may have a reprint of the article on the wall.

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      Thats part of the problem. The article they did have displayed on the bakery case is no longer there :(

      1. re: houndlvr1

        Somebody probably took it.....but f you ask they may give it to you since they divulged it before.