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Jan 7, 2013 12:23 PM

Spago Versus Mesa Grill Versus Fiamma Trattoria

Hey everyone. So i'm going to Las Vegas with 6 of my friends and we were looking for a restaurant within the same price range as these 3. I was wondering which is the best of these and if there was anything better within this range.

Note: We're staying at the MGM signature and don't mind walking around but we want to keep the restaurant on the strip. Type of cuisine doesn't matter!

Thanks a lot!

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  1. also forgot to ask how is spago compared to Wolfgang Puck bar and grill since I know they are both Wolfgang?

    1. Wolfgang Puck bar and grill is quite good. They make delicious housemade chips that come with a delicious blue cheese dipping sauce. It's definitely a loud and lively space since it is basically on the casino floor so if you are looking for quiet and sedate, this isn't it.

      Mesa Grill is quite good as well. They have a burger that I love there. It gets crowded so make a reservation.

      1. IMO, Fiamma's pastas are a cut above the other food choices. Mesa Grill menu is far more agressive in their seasoning which I like, but does not always please everyone in a group. If you have a "spice wimp" they won't like Mesa Grill's options. But MG has a GREAT margarita bar and their dessert choices are really good.

        These menus are all available online. Have your friends take a look and see what they prefer. I think that MG has the better "party" atmosphere, but then I love GOOD margaritas.