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Jan 7, 2013 12:09 PM

Lupa for a birthday dinner?

Hello everyone. A quick question for you. I'll be visiting NYC later this month with my husband and I'm thinking of going to Lupa for dinner on my birthday (it will be on a Tuesday). Would you say Lupa is a good birthday/celebratory spot? Note: we're splurging the Saturday before at Gramercy Tavern and also doing lunch at Per Se, so I'm looking for something that's vibrant and buzzy, without being too 'fancy'? (I'm also keen to try their Cacio & Pepe, a dish I usually love. I've also been to Babbo, and although I know they can't compare, am a fan of Mario Batali.) Any thoughts, especially on if we can do any 'better' would be much appreciated. Many thanks!

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  1. I think Lupa is a fine choice. I actually prefer it over Babbo.

    1. Lupa is fine, especially for cacio & pepe. For something newer and more creative try Perla.

      1. Lupa has been too salty for my taste the last 2-3 times I went, but before that, I mostly liked it a lot. They do make good cacio e pepe - if anything, occasionally, it's _too_ al dente! Get a bunch of appetizers, and make sure to have the tartufo for dessert. Get reservations in the back of the restaurant if you want a more sedate atmosphere.

        1. agree with everything said so far. it is a bit salty sometimes but most of the times outside the really busy hrs and days it's been pretty solid for me. love the wine list and usually that helps with the salty pastas. highly recommend!

          1. Thanks everyone,really good to have your input! I didn't realise there were different rooms at Lupa. I would actually like something quite bustling and buzzy. Should we stick with the front room in that case, and not the back room? Thanks!

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                Though I prefer the quiet coziness of the back room, if you want bustling you must choose the front.