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Jan 7, 2013 11:49 AM

Best way to bake/grill bananas?

Hi there - I have a bunch of bananas sitting on the counter, plus a jar of dulce de leche I got for Christmas, and I'm thinkin' they might go well together, with the dulce de leche melted to make a sauce... only trouble is, I have never baked/grilled bananas before and could do with some tips so I don't end up with a squishy mess! I'd rather not fry them if possible (a feeble attempt to keep the calorie count vaguely under control!!) also BBQing is a little difficult in the rainy UK at this time of year, so preferably a method I can do indoors. Any suggestions gratefully received, thanks!

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  1. I have only ever fried them. But they don't take a lot of fat. it is nice though because you can add a little brown sugar and caramelize them at the same time. YUM.

    I suspect you could also bake them slightly until softer then broil them, with a bit of brown sugar on top.

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      I concur with frying the bananas with brown sugar. This is similar to making Bananas Foster without the butter if you're counting calories.

      Personally, I can eat raw bananas, but don't like cooked bananas except in banana bread or muffins.

      Are the bananas too far gone (squishy) to make a trifle or a banana pudding? The dulce de leche might be a good pudding base.

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        Thank you for the replies! If I do fry them, should I or cut into pieces or fry them whole? Also, when should I add the sugar and approx how much to use? Sorry to be nuisance, I 'm not a 'natural' when it comes to puds!

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          either make diagonal long slices, or slice down the middle lengthwise. You want a flat surface to fry them. you only need a sprinkle of sugar at the end on one side and throw them under the broiler to caramelize, watch very closely though, keep the door open.

    2. When I was younger we always used to wrap them (skin and all) in tin foil and cook them on the BBQ. Once they were hot through (5 or so minutes) we'd take them off the heat and onto a plate and pry them open.

      You could probably get similar results from baking and I'd definetly include a scoop of vanilla ice cream with the banana and the dulce de leche sauce.

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        Ooooo, vanilla ice cream sounds fab, can just imagine it melting over the top! Thanks!