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Zatarain's rice mix in a Crock Pot

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I want a simple, throw-together-in-the-morning Jambalaya that will be ready at the end of the day. Any reason I can't dump a box of Zatarain's, water, butter/oil, and meat in the Crock Pot?

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  1. Give it a try and let us know just what you did and how it turned out.

    1. The Zatarains rice/jambalaya mixes only take 20 minutes to cook. If you cook it for 8 hours, you'll have mush.

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        That was my thought, too. Maybe the OP could put the other stuff in, then make the rice in a rice cooker after work, pretty easy, don't have to watch it so one can start it in the rice cooker, then relax a bit, change clothes, whatever. Then combine when serving.

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          Agreed about the rice and (if using it) shrimp too would be way overdone. You could precook the rice if truly pressed for time.

        2. re: boogiebaby

          Ditto. Zatarain's will be a disintegrated mush after spending time in a crockpot. It's MEANT to be a "quick" meal solution when cooked traditionally on a stovetop. You're better off "throwing together" your Jambalaya at the end of the day. (Oh, & Zatarain's Jambalaya mix is quite tasty - we enjoy it frequently, especially when tweaked with fresh Jalapenos & okra from the garden.)

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            I agree that a crockpot would ruin it.

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              I always have a box on hand too. I add chicken and/or, sausage and ham if I have it (no shellfish as DH is allergic). I also add some Crystal hot sauce, then cook it up. It's good with a salad for a quick weekday meal.

          2. I don't see the point, it takes 20 minutes to cook.