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Jan 7, 2013 11:32 AM

Brookline Farmer's Market- Now on Mondays

Just came from the Monday edition of the Brookline Farmer's Market. Enterprise Farms, Arrowhead, Silverbrook, for produce. Stillman's meats, a nut guy, cookie lady, and salsa person. I hope that word spreads to keep these vendors coming.

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  1. Does that mean it's no longer on Sundays?

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    1. The "nut guy" is Q's Nuts, which has a store in Davis Sq.

      They also have a person marketing her new salsa. I really - underline that - liked it.

      I think the commitment is just through January.

      1. Heard from one of the vendors yesterday that the Monday market is ending. Apparently, the increased usage is causing too much wear and tear on the building.

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        1. re: tartandfit

          Yes, apparently yesterday was the last Monday market - they're now looking for another venue.

          However, the Sunday market is STILL ON for the foreseeable future.

          1. re: tartandfit

            They were only contracted for the month of January. It was a test run to gauge demand.

            1. re: tartandfit

              According to their Facebook posting, they are looking for another venue to continue the Monday (or some other midweek) market as well as Sunday