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Jan 7, 2013 11:17 AM

Recommend Blender for specific need

I just need a blender to make smoothies with Cilantro / Parsley (weekly)

Now, which blender would you recommend for this without breaking the bank (so no Vitamix)?

Thank you!

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  1. I make green smoothies regularly with my Blendtec. Love it, but it does fall in the breaking the bank cats gory. Prior to that I had a Ninja. Not good for green smoothies. Does not purée the greens well. Before the Ninja, I had a 99.00 Kitchenaid blender that blended the green smoothies great. I loved it enough, that I baught one for my daughter, and she has been very pleased with it. It will have a shorter lifespan than a vitamix or Blendtec, but they cost a lot less too.

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    1. re: dixiegal

      Ninja was on my watchlist.. looks like in your experience, Kitchenaid was better than Ninja.. I will check out Kitchenaid .. thnx

    2. I have a Breville that I love - make a green smoothie w/tough greens every a.m. and it gets them smooth as silk. Love that the jar is glass, too, not plastic.

      Vita-who? ;)


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      1. re: gansu girl

        Which model? Is that a blender or juicer? thnx

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          sorry! been absent from CH for a bit -it's this blender: I do have a Breville juicer, but am off juicing since I like keeping the fiber in my smoothies . . . lower glycemic index and all that. Cheers!