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Jan 7, 2013 11:16 AM

Burns Dinner, 2013

I used to go to Hurley's in the Napa valley but since I am only there on weekends (in Half Moon Bay on weekdays), I need to find a city-based or Peninsula-based Burns dinner this year.

Any thoughts or leads?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I called - they are making haggis and tatties, but not doing the full celebration with bagpipes and poetry...


      1. re: CarrieWas218

        Edinburgh Castle has an event on Saturday the 19th.

    2. If you're willing to go to Oakland, Commonwealth Cafe and Public House always does a Burns supper.

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      1. re: mdougherty

        I've been bugging Ross about this for a little while now - got it into my head that I need to try haggis for the first time, and figured this was the best way.

        1. re: Spatlese

          Martins West has haggis on a stick every day.

      2. I've decided to host and cook my own Burns Dinner this year since I couldn't find one that would include all the aspects of a Burns Dinner I like; the pomp and circumstance...

        It will be a good thing to teach my fiance's kids anyway. I'll make them Scotch Eggs since I'll be the only one eating Haggis, but they will enjoy the 'neeps & tatties' just fine and the dessert...

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I didn't make it to Commonwealth last night due to coming down with a cold, but it looked fairly crowded when I went past around 8:00.

            1. re: mdougherty

              I mail-ordered a haggis from which was much mealier and dry than I have had in the past - although the guests were VERY impressed with my fiance's rendition of the poem.

              I made Scotch broth, Scotch eggs, had smoked salmon, five Scottish cheeses, neeps & tatties, and Tipsy Laird.

              A fine time was had by all although next year, I may try to make my own haggis or return to Hurley's. His really was a tasty, tasty version and quite moist!