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Jan 7, 2013 10:52 AM

Lake Geneva, WI restaurants

My husband and I are heading to Lake Geneva this weekend to celebrate my 40th birthday. We would like recommendations for a nice dinner and a place for lunch/brunch. All types of fun and suggestions are welcome as we like to eat a wide variety of food at various price points.

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  1. For your brunch/lunch, a year ago we had lunch at Simple Cafe and we enjoyed it. I posted about it in a Milwaukee discussion at

    Have you done a search to review what previous Lake Geneva topics have said? This one's from a few months ago:

    Quick help for Lake Geneva, WI? -

    And this one's from three ago but may still have usable information:

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    1. I posted a pretty lengthy LG area review in 2012, but it's actually in a Waukesha County thread and would be hard to find. Skip down to the second from the bottom post.

      Main changes in the county since then: The Cheese Box has closed, the Public House in Williams Bay has closed and reopened as The Lighthouse, and there is another restaurant on the bay called Pier 290 that has generated some buzz.

      We're lifelong Walworth County residents, moved to Waukesha County in 2012 but we go back every weekend.

      1. My hubby and i went to Lake Geneva for my bday a cpl years ago and had a blast at Baker House... You should definitely check it out!

        1. Second the motion for Simple Cafe--really excellent.

          1. simple for brunch is great. their corned beef hash is excellent.