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Jan 7, 2013 10:52 AM

Supermarket Pie Filling Goopy?


All my life I've pretty much have been turned off by the pies my mother buys in the supermarkets.

The pastry is okay, but the pie filling could best be described as pieces of apples suspended into a blob of fruit-flavored goop. It almost has the consistency of very very thick mineral oil or castor oil. I just don't like this.
It's hard to describe but it's sort of the same semi-gelatinous stuff you get when you bite into a cheap jelly doughnut.

I guess I'm looking for something that would have more of a natural fruit, jelly or jam feel to it rather than goop. Am I the only one whom feels this way? Is it the cornstarch that is doing this? Looks like I will need to start making all of my pies instead of buying.

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  1. Making your own pies from scratch is always a worthy endeavor, that I highly recommend.

    As to the supermarket pies made pies, sadly some of those places use premade pie filling, hence the extra goopy filling. That stuff is very similar to the stuff used in lunch bag fruit pies (Hostess, pre-bankruptcy) and jelly donuts.

    The best supermarket frozen pie I've had is made by Marie Callendar (sp?). The filling still contains some goop, but it's a minimal amount of goop.

    Yes, goop is from using of cornstarch or modified food starch.

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      and far less actual fruit than you'd use in your own pie.

      everything about those pies is gross to me -- the goopy gloppiness of the filling, the soggy, sugar-soaked fruit, the rancid smell of the mushy pie crust. yuk.

      home-made pies are a revelation compared to those things. if you don't want to tangle with actually making pie crust, nut crusts are a snap to make, and imho, make pie even better.