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Jan 7, 2013 10:50 AM

Question about a new Staub pan

I got 14, yes, fourteen, pieces of Staub cookware from my brother for Christmas. What would I use the large, oval one (back left in the photo) for? It's not very deep, like a DO, has a lid, without the bumps inside.
and yes, got a new KA mixer from my husband, so had included it in the pic.
We had to go out and by a hutch, just to hold the cookware, my cupboards are already full! Found a heavy, solid wood, well-made hutch for $159 at a used furniture place, and just for giggles, asked what the cash price would be, got it for $135. ha! heck of a lot cheaper than the cookware! I call the piece "Bertha in a Ballgown."

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  1. What a brother!
    The pan looks like the Lidded Gratin pan on the Williams Sonoma website:

    It will bake fantastic au gratin potatoes, fruit crisps, rustic pies and other vegetable gratins and can serve as a great casserole dish too, just cover for most of the cooking time and uncover to crisp the top. They work well for long pieces of fish such as salmon too.

    Great buy on the hutch! We lived in Germany for a year. There were no built in cabinets, just one hutch similar to that for all our storage and counterspace. It was very useful.

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      Thanks! I was thinking it might work for paella, and other rice dishes, too. It does look similar to the fish pan, as well.
      Yes, it was funny, the UPS guys laughed at us, we couldn't lift the box into the house and had to open it on the threshold. It came in a couple of boxes, but one weighed over 60 lbs! ha!

    2. What an amazing gift. Hope you've spent the last couple years making great meals with it.

      1. weight lifting, what else (?) *L*