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Jan 7, 2013 10:39 AM

Calgary Crowfoot - Hudson's Opening

Hudson's is opening spring 2013 in the old Soundsaround location.

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  1. I thought that it was going in the old Deacon's location.

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    1. re: Zydecopapa

      Yup... That didn't last long. Rip's had been around for a while but the Deacon's was in and out.

      The Soundsaround is painted up like a mexican joint. Not sure what, if even food related, is going in there.

      1. re: piano boy

        Missed the actual location - would sure be nice if someone did something about the hideous colours now on the old Soundsaround.

        1. re: beggsy

          Those colours look suspiciously like Cora's. Anybody heard anything?

          1. re: Shazam

            That would be an interesting choice with the new "Eggs Oasis" over by the Paragon-turning-into-Shoppers Drug Mart (in the former Blockbuster).

    2. Hey everyone. We'll be opening up in the former Deacon's location, right next to the old Soundsaround location!

      1. I think this opens later this week.