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Jan 7, 2013 10:24 AM

Savory palate cleanser?

Can anyone recommend a palate cleanser course that has no sugar or sweetener of any kind? I was thinking maybe a cucumber mint granita, but I have a hard time imagining it without sugar. I also thought maybe a shot of cucumber gazpacho would work, but I already have a soup course, so that would be kind of annoying (from my perspective).

Sigh. Help?

And note to self: find out people's diet restrictions BEFORE inviting them over for a dinner party. No sugar, no carbs, no meat, no dairy, no alcohol. It's killing me.

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  1. Pink grapefuit granita- they have enough naural sweetener to not be too tart but still palate cleansing. Very good and easy.

    And can I add I am impressied that you can come up with a full menu that does not include all those restrictions!

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    1. re: foodieX2

      Sorry, I should clarify -- no sugar means no fruit as well.

    2. "No sugar, no carbs, no meat, no dairy, no alcohol"

      WTF? I would just ask them what they eat then and put one of those on their plate and make something else for the others.

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      1. re: kengk

        Heh, I know. To be fair, two people are "no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol" and another is "no gluten, no dairy, no meat". It's the combination that is killing me!

        I can manage it all and am actually happy (or maybe just curious) to rise to the challenge. But the savoury palate cleanser has me stumped. The smartest thing would be to just do away with it completely. :)

        1. re: kengk

          I cannot give this post an emphatic enough "AMEN!".

        2. San Pelligrino, with a twist of lemon for those who aren't anti-sugar.

          1. Maybe just a shot of cucumber water?

            Or a cucumber tartare?

            A ginger cucumber salad might also work, but most tasty-dairy-free cucumber salads need a little sugar, imo.

            Parsley will also freshen up the palate, even if it might not cleanse the palate. Would a garlic-free lemony parsley salad work? Something like fattoush or tabbouleh, but omitting the wheat/pita.

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            1. re: prima

              Hmm...curious about a cucumber tartare. Any particular recipe or flavors you had in mind, prima?

            2. It's unconventional, but I wonder if some kind of hot tea would work? People who want sugar/honey, dairy, or lemon could add it to their own cups.