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Jan 7, 2013 10:19 AM

Ideas For Using Chutney?

I like different chutneys, but hubby hates the stuff. However, he does gift me with different types that he comes across, but since I'm the only one who eats it, I end up with several jars in the fridge that - outside of when I make an Indian dish - I'm at a loss what to do with.

At the moment, still unopened in my pantry, I have 2 bottles of "Apple Cranberry Chutney", & one bottle each of "Mango Chutney", "Mango Ginger Chutney", & good old "Major Grey's Chutney".

Any ideas outside of the usual Indian condiment?

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  1. Sandwich spread
    Over cream cheese with crackers ( like you would with pepper jelly)
    Instead of jam with baked Brie en croute
    Marinades or sauces for grilling

    1. our whole foods cheese person recommended fig chutney as a condiment for some cheddar cheese DH purchased. I bet some of your chutneys would pair well with cheese and crackers.

      1. Love major grey chutney mixed with ceam cheese and serve with pumpernickle cocktail breads or carrs water crackers

        The Apple/Cranberry Chutney makes wonderful glaze for pork roasts and chops.

        The ginger one great on scones or as a sauce for chicken

        Top a wheel of brie with any of them, wrap in puff pastry and bake.

        1. My absolute favorite way to use mango chutney is in these curry tuna melts from Saveur---I just recommend leaving out the raisins, and adding more cayenne if your curry powder isn't spicy. It is needed or they would be too sweet.

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            Thanks for the link - that's right up my alley! And I agree about nixing the raisins, plus I just happen to have a bottle of one of my favorite curry powders on hand - "Penzey's Hot Curry Powder", which has a very nice "kick" that I really enjoy. Will be trying this as a sandwich very soon.

            1. re: Bacardi1

              I use it in cold tuna and chicken salad sandwiches along with curry. I also like it on a burger with Roquefort.

          2. I've posted this recipe before, and still find it useful in warmer months:


            I like to use black japonica rice (or other unhulled rice) and sometimes use craisins instead of yellow raisins.