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Jan 7, 2013 10:08 AM

Suggestions for HK family dining in Tsim Sha Tsui

We are a family of four (2 adults and 2 girls aged 8 and 5) staying on Salisbury road on our way back to New Zealand and are looking for any recommendations of places to eat nearby. We will be eating no later than 7 at night due to the kids and don't want to spend a fortune. We are in HK for 4 days and would like to try a variety of cuisine. Any help would be really appreciated.


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  1. Choices are unlimited!! Just iSquare on Nathan road alone has 30+ floors of eating establishments!!!
    I would suggest you check out, A very reliable and most comprehensive source use by local foodies and review contributions even by chowhounders
    Just click on TST to check out places from hole-in-the-wall to fine dining,all divided by cuisine categories.
    Have fun!!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Hi Charles

      Thanks very much for your advice, we are looking forward to our stay.

      1. re: PaddyG

        You are most welcome! After doing your research and finalization. May be you can make a posting and solicit our feedback?!
        IMO,one place which both the adults and the kids would enjoy will be the Michelin 1* Shanghainese place ( famous for their dumplings ) - Din Tai Fung on 30 Canton Road. Within walking distance from Salisbury road. Though 1* but price is very reasonable.
        Though sounded non-foodie like, but the lunch buffet at the Intercontinental( also on Salisbury Rd ) is a great venue for both adults and kids. Just watch their eyes light up when they see the amount of desserts offered!! Amazing!!! For the quality and diversity of cuisine offered ( Western, Chinese, Japanese, Indian... all authentically prepared and executed ), it's also a great value! And to go with the food, a great harbour view as well.
        A thing to bear in mind, if wanted to splurge or go a bit up-scale/fancy, always pick lunch time. Even Michelin star restaurants offer 'greatly discounted' lunches.
        Finally, if in doubt, there are two options to consider. One is the Ocean Terminal/Harbour City complex, the other is the side streets between Nathan road and Chatham road. Between them there are enough eateries to last you folks for 4 months+!!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Charles! In a Cantonese culinary mecca like HK, and you recommended a Shanghainese (by way of Taipei) joint like Din Tai Fung?! ;-)

          I think having "dim sum" would be a better option, though Tim Ho Wan may be out of the question (maddening queues) and Tin Lung Heen is a possibility (but may require advance booking and can be a bit pricey).

          Super Star Seafood Restaurant at Harbour City is an option, or one can explore other cuisines in the mall itself:

          1. re: klyeoh

            Hi klyeoh. You do have a point!
            However, based on my parental experience, I find kids prefer Northern Dim Sum more than Cantonese ones?!! ( OP did mention 2 girls of 5 & 8). And most kids love noodles ( think pasta ) which DTF offers quite a bit.
            For adults looking for great food, great view and atmosphere, TLH is a great idea. But I'm not sure about taking 2 small children to such a formal Michelin 2* restaurant inside the Ritz Carlton?!! Unless they are super-behave?!

    2. BLT burger in Ocean Terminal is decent if you get tired of Asian cuisine. Their spiked milkshakes and sweet potato fries are great.

      1. As Charles mentioned, there are endless possibilities in that TST area. We often stay in the TST area and we have little kids, too. Unless you're talking about really upscale places, most restaurants in HK are very child-friendly.

        We love hotel breakfast buffets in HK, and it works out particularly well with kids. In that area, Sheraton and Shangri-la have outstanding breakfast buffets with typical Western breakfast stuff, omelettes, dim sum, salad, sushi, pastries, muesli, on and on. Usually we eat enough that we're forced to skip lunch. Or try the lunch buffet at the Harbourside like Charles suggested.

        My kids actually prefer Cantonese dim sum to Shanghai-style ones. My kids and their friends all love things like char siu so/bao, hargau, and the usual Cantonese-style siumai. There are so many great dim sum places in TST, and they are all child-friendly including even Peninsula's Spring Court. Loong Yuen at the basement of Holiday Inn has been one of my favorites... until last month when I went and, for the first time, I felt they had dropped off a little.

        The Harbour City shopping complex has a collection of solid restaurants of all cuisine varieties scattered throughout. Crystal Jade is an awesome cheap and tasty place for Shanghai-style food, great with kids. Even the food court is pretty awesome (although seating can be limited).

        We also enjoy going to cheap, busy cha chaan teng places. Tsui Wah (chain place... they have a location near Hyatt TST) and Relax for a While (Kimberley Rd) are the two places we always go to. EVerything is cheap, and there are so many things your kids will love on the menu.

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        1. re: chowmouse

          I also agree. There's so much linked to Harbour City, that you're bound to find something. But, It's more of a high class neighborhood in my opinion and more western.

          If you're ok with venturing off, Mong Kok just north of you is an affordable adventure for street food and casual dining. Although it is very very busy. It also feels much more like being in a foreign place.

          1. re: andrew_eats

            IMHO, Mong Kok may be too crowded and a bit challenging a place to navigate with two young 5 & 8 year old girls!

        2. My 12 year old son and husband joined me in HK at the end of a business trip in the Spring. He LOVED the hotel breakfast buffet and as someone else mentioned this can do you for breakfast and lunch. He also loves hargau, char sui and some other dim sum. We went to Maxim's at city hall which is not a Chow destination but a fun touristy food experience. We also ate at the Temple Street Night market which was an experience right out of an MasterCard commercial. The waiter and other patrons gave my son hands on chop stick training. Priceless!