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Jan 7, 2013 10:05 AM

Save me from Margarita's -- Moody Street, Waltham

Meeting some business colleagues in from out of town for dinner Wednesday night: they have proposed Margarita's Moody St Waltham but are OK with me proposing an alternative in the area. We do want to be able to sit and chat for awhile but won't be camping at the table or anything.

Research here suggests that these may be good alternatives -- please let me know positive or negative thoughts or alternate suggestions. TIA.

Pho & Spice
Kebab & Tandoor
Charcoal Guido's
(Tempo looked too pricy)

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  1. I dine at Solea often (including last night). The food is very good, and I think it would be perfect for your needs.

    1. Agree on Solea.

      How's the bar food at the Skellig these days?

      1. Elephant Walk is just a 1/3 mile up the road from there.

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          Has anyone been there recently? I used to live in Waltham and loved it, but it's been years.

        2. If they're specifically interested in Mexican food, I'd take them to Taqueria Mexico. The food is far superior, the booths are comfortable and relatively private, and it's a pleasant, homey atmosphere. Plus I'm pretty sure they have a beer/wine license if that's important. And it's right there in the area, a half-block off Moody Street near Route 20. (Although someone hereabouts once hilariously suggested that Taqueria Mexico was somehow located in a horribly scary neighborhood filled with abandoned buildings where vagrants waited for unsuspecting visitors so they could cut them. Absolutely none of which is true.)

          1. Margarota's not only serves bad food but their service is awful too. I hate eating in places where I go with anothewr adult and they seat me next to a noisy family with a highchair. I realize that these places cater to families but Margarita's is just a ridiculous place. It's funny because Moody street used to be a fun place to eat but I do not find it that way anymore. Watertown has better places to eat. You should try Jasmine Persion restaurant or the Middle Eastern Baker & Cafe in Watertown next to Target. It's totally affordable and is excellent family run homemade food.