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Jan 7, 2013 10:03 AM

I habe a cowd... wid a stuffy nose

Beside chicken broth (which I've brought to work) what food related home remedies are your favorite to keep a nasty cold at bay?

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  1. I make a "jelly" out of raw honey, thinly sliced lemons and fresh ginger. I keep it in my fridge in a mason jar and then add a dollop to hot water to sip on. Soothing and invigorating. When I am really stuffed up I add a few dashes of sriracha or other kind of hot sauce.

    Any spicy soup works for me too, especially a chicken based one. My local Asian place sells what they unattractively call "boiled wontons in broth" which in fact is a heady concoction of pork filled wontons in highly seasoned and very spicy chicken broth surrounded by bean sprouts.

    (BTW- I think there are tons of these threads out there with lots of good ideas_

    1. Another classic is Garlic Ginger Soup. It's a pretty good bet for taking the "nasty" out of a nasty cold.

      While on the ginger train, I also like an infusion of crystallized ginger in hot water with a bit of honey.

      1. combine (in a large ceramic mug):
        juice of one lemon
        spoonful of honey
        hot water to 2/3 full
        large glug of brandy or bourbon

        stir, consume

        repeat as needed

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          I'm with you on this one, kcshigekawa. My father was an old time apothecary, and swore by this remedy. He always said you needed to drink it as hot as you could tolerate it, and chug it as fast as you could, then get into bed with lots of covers and sweat it out. My theory is that, essentially, you pass out and just sleep through the worst of it. If it works, however, don't knock it!

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            even if you don't pass out, the honey and lemon are soothing, the steam helps open things up, and the brandy sure doesn't hurt anything -- at the very least, it might help you sleep!

            1. re: kcshigekawa

              I concur however I have found Grand Marnier to be the perfect liquor for the job!

              It also works well on tooth aches till you can get to the dentist!

              1. re: jrvedivici

                @ jrvedivici: Southern Comfort isn't bad either : )

            2. I recobbed eatig healthy stuff dat you do't dormally like sidce you cad't taste adythig adyway

              1. Spicy food can open the sinii sometimes. But my favorite, more of a prevention measure, is equal parts of very cold, very dry sparkling wine and freshly squeezed OJ.....