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Jan 7, 2013 09:45 AM

Recommendations near the Cloisters?

I would appreciate recommendations. I've heard there are some good Latino places nearby, but we're open to any type of cuisine. Also, how is the parking situation in the surrounding areas--we've only parked in the Cloisters lot. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The only place I can think of is the New Leaf.

    1. Try searching under Washington Heights or Inwood, for nearby places. El Malecon on 175th and Casa del Mofongo on St Nicholas Ave get mentioned.

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        El Malecon has very good rotisserie chicken (pollo a la brasa). Other good items include the chicken soup (sopa de pollo) and cowfoot soup, but it's really best to get the pollo a la brasa. It's cheap, too.

      2. New Leaf. The food is good, charming, cozy atmosphere, and a parking lot on site.

        1. Malecon has good roast chicken and the mofongo de longaniza is good too.

          El Conde, right next door, does a pretty good skirt steak.

          Manolo, which is on 176th and Bway, has decent tapas and wine menu.

          Closer to the Cloisters, there are a number of restaurants around 187th and Ft Washington. Refried Beans has standard Tex/Mex- okay, not great. Kismat has standard north Indian food. Bleu is OK, but in my opinion overpriced. Same with the restaurant Next Door.

          If it's a nice day, stop in Franks Gourmet Market- they have a good number of prepared foods and you could do up a picnic.