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Jan 7, 2013 09:38 AM

Freezing and reheating soup, which containers are best?

We like to make lots and lots of soup and then freeze it in individual portion containers. We take it to work with us and then heat in the microwave at the office. Our current containers seem to be cracking and leaking, they are Rubbermaid. We've also used Snapware, which works pretty well, but discolors easily and is not appetizing looking when discolored. So we're in the market for new containers that don't leak and are BPA free and are sized for a cup or so of soup. Having non-leaking containers is the most important requirement, but also having containers that are healthy and not leaking chemicals into our soup and onto our bodies is pretty important to us as well. We'd love to hear your suggestions!

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  1. My favorite container is a pyrex one cup glass container with the snapping blue lid.

    1. I mostly use mason jars. They come in lots of sizes, the lids stay tight and you can defrost in the micro or in a pan of simmering water (start with cold water!)

      I have a few glass pyrex containers with the snap lids and the discolored tops (usually from tomato sauce) never bothered me to look at it. I figure I am the only once seeing them, it’s not like I serve company out of them.

      1. I love the Ziploc Twist n Loc containers. They come in two sizes. The small size is a nice lunch-sized portion of soup and the large size is good for dinner for two. They never leak and they last a long time. They also stack nicely in the cupboard. I can't always find them in the supermarket so I started buying through Amazon, and if you do that, pay attention to the descriptions, because for example is a 2 pack of 2 containers each.

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          These look promising! No BPAs and the size looks like it would work well in lunch sacks too. I'll have to check at Target and see if I can find a try out a couple.

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            These are the ones I like, too. Because they're leak-proof, they're ideal for soup.

          2. I just used a cup with snap-on lid from sistema today to reheat my soup and it worked quite well. It has a valve mechanism on top that you pop open when it's in the microwave or when you are freezing it, which is then closed when the soup has frozen. Worked quite well for me carrying it to work, but to be safe, I put it in a plastic bag. It is BPA free and available at grocery stores.

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              These are really similar to the Snapware we've used. Of course the Snapware isn't as fancy as far as the pop-up venting. Looks promising as well! I'll check and see if my local Target has any of these. Thanks for the suggestion!

            2. I don't know if these are BPA-free, but I use leftover plastic soup containers (both pint & quart size) that I save when I get takeout soup from Chinese restaurants. They're microwave & dishwasher safe (although I do wash the lids by hand), & they're free, thus I don't feel badly when they finally wear out & I have to toss them.

              I also used them for pretty much all small-amount leftovers I need to store in the fridge or freezer.

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                That is what I use too but I never heat them in the microwave. I keep a big soup cup, ceramic, in my desk and transfer the soup to it before heating. I don't like to microwave plastic, BPA free or not.

                1. re: tcamp

                  "I keep a big soup cup, ceramic, in my desk and transfer the soup to it before heating. I don't like to microwave plastic, BPA free or not."


                  1. re: tcamp

                    Actually, I don't microwave in plastic either - was just mentioning that the Chinese takeout containers can be used for that.

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                      Oh, I didn't think you did. Actually, the plastic used for those containers doesn't even seem like it would hold up in a microwave yet too good to just toss. I think I might have the beginnings of a container hoarding disorder, despite cleaning out two relatives' houses and seeing firsthand the pitfalls of such behavior.

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                        I didn't think so either, but the ones I've collected do have "microwave & dishwasher safe" stamped on the bottom. And they have come through the dishwasher just fine, although I do wash the lids by hand.

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                          I looked in my cabinets last night and thought "Dear God they've taken over!!" As I put another Chinese takeout soup bowl in the sink to wash....