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Jan 7, 2013 08:56 AM

Gift card / certificate for Brooklyn restaurants

I'd like to give a gift certificate to a friend who lives in Brooklyn. Unfortunately I'm not sure of her any of favorite restaurants. Any chance there's one offered that would be broad enough to cover a number of high-quality establishments?

I know I could just get a Visa or similar gift card but I'd prefer to give something more narrow in focus, to encourage my friend to dine out for a nice meal rather than just use the money for everyday purchase

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  1. if you're looking for something like USHG or the like, i dont think you'll find one. maybe give some more specific geographical constraints and what kind of food she likes and people can be more helpful.

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    1. re: tex.s.toast

      Yeah, I guess I was thinking along the lines of USHG or something. She lives in Park Slope so anything in that general neighborhood would be perfect. She is vegetarian (okay with dairy, not 100% sure about fish ...) but her husband, whom she would most likely dine with, is not, so I guess someplace with some vegetarian options -- but not exclusively vegetarian -- would be ideal.

      Thanks for any ideas

    2. Not sure of your price point, but Franny's is great choice. Also consider Al di La and Applewood.

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      1. re: prdct

        I was thinking of something on the order of about $200 or so. That's kind of why I'm trying to select carefully. I've been to Al di La. It's fine but I guess I'm not so excited about that option. (Of course, if I knew that it was her favorite restaurant I would be happy to get a gift card from there.) Applewood looks like a good candidate, though I've never eaten there myself. Franny's also looks good but I guess Applewood looks more *special* ...?

        1. re: uwsgrazer

          I've been to Applewood once and Franny's twice. Applewood feels a tad more formal, but I liked the food at Franny's better. Both were good, though.

          1. re: Pan

            Thanks, Pan. Nice to "run into you" on the OB board.

          2. re: uwsgrazer

            The food is great at both but Franny's is for grabbing a meal and Applewood is definitely for a "night out". Having eaten at Applewood over 30 times, I say go with Applewood.

            (Oh, and applewood is good at the vegetarian thing -- they even run their own small farm now -- though maybe not vegan.)

            1. re: Peter

              Yeah, and when I called Applewood even said they could do a vegetarian version of the tasting menu!

              I'm kind of leaning towards Applewood, though maybe I'll end up asking my friend which she prefers. Not sure ... I still have time to decide

        2. Take a look at the American Express Be My Guest card. It's good at any restaurant that takes Amex.

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          1. re: Big Easy

            Even though I'm struggling with this decision I would prefer to give my friend something more *tailored* than a general gift card. But thanks for the input, Big

          2. For a wedding gift, I gave some friends a GC to Brooklyn Larder. They really enjoyed it and it allowed them to go wild a little. I'd recommend that -- a gift card will go pretty far there.

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            1. re: Mandymac

              Thank you! I wasn't familiar with Brooklyn Larder. Their website looks great. I think my friend would definitely appreciate a GC from there (who wouldn't). Still mulling things over ... now I'm thinking maybe a $100-150 GC for one of the two restaurants (Franny's or Applewood) and the balance (for a total of $250) to Brooklyn Larder.

              1. re: uwsgrazer

                Brooklyn Larder is owned by the Franny's folks, so its possible that he GC's could be used at either--I would ask.

                1. re: prdct

                  Interesting. Thanks for the head's up, prdct