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Jan 7, 2013 08:50 AM

Daytripper - Bay Area

I caught an episode of Daytripper on Channel 8 yesterday. I catch it from time to time; usually they concentrate on places around Austin and the Hill Country but I think I remember one previous show about Houston.

This time they were in the bay area; they spent almost a third of the show at the space center and also visited a place called the Butler Longhorn Museum I'd never heard of and Armand Bayou plus a mercifully short visit to the Kemah Boardwalk.

Food places they visited included the Hoagie Ranch in Kemah and Bubba's Shrimp Palace in San Leon. I'd never heard of either. The former looks like it's mostly interesting for the size of the sandwiches while the latter looks like a fun place to go just for the view.

Like any travel show they rave about any place they report on. Any hounds have any knowledge of the food?

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  1. I have enjoyed Bubba's Shrimp Palace the two times I have been. It is on the bay and known for their endless fried shrimp which tasted very fresh.

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      Thanks. Looked like a worthy spot for getting away from the city even if the food isn't spectacular.

    2. I discovered this show over the past few months also and loved the Kemah show. So much more than the usual recs. I "liked" the show on FB and a couple of weeks ago he was in Amarillo at the ubiquitous steakhouse that I dislike so much. He had the taping show on live webcam, and he actually layed (laid?) down under the table. Looking forward to that show! He did a great trip to Lockhart too. I may just order a t-shirt. Funny guy. PBS, check your listings.

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        I've been catching it off and on for a couple of years. I think originally it was just about the Austin/CTx area. It's nice to see one of these travel shows that covers food places a little and hits places close enough to us to be easily visited. I wish Channel 8 would do something similar about the Houston area other than just those little filler pieces that they use at the end of the hour sometimes.

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        1. Did you see the Houston show recently, Brucie? He went to El Real and Chinatown. Months ago I saw that Chet Garner was starting a new Texas travel show focusing only on food, but I haven't seen it yet.

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            Haven't caught it recently but I think I've seen that episode or at least parts of it. Thanks for the reminder - it's been slipping my mind recently.

            Will look for the new concept, hoping it's not too DD&D-ish.