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Jan 7, 2013 08:45 AM

Lunch suggestions around Danbury/surrounding areas

Hi, going to Danbury and surrounding areas in a couple weeks (on a Saturday) to go to Costco, Stew Leonard's, the mall - any lunch suggestions besides the mall? Where the locals go? Looking for good American or italian - friend is a picky eater.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't go to Italian places much, but Rocco's in Brookfield isn't terrible and I think they have some good lunch specials. I don't know that I can help because I'd recommend mostly Asian places... sushi, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian. Actually, the mall has a Cheesecake Factory and a Brio now, so that would probably cover you!

    Oh, I just thought of some places on Mill Plain Road (near exit 2 off of 84) Market Place Kitchen and Bar (American), Prespa and Spasi (Italian). I have not tried the Italian places, but have heard they're good. Been to MPKB once. Love the space and the menu, but the service and execution of the dishes was meh when we went. Admittedly, it was pretty soon after they opened, so we'll give 'em another shot one of these days.

    There's also Bluu, essentially across the street from Stew Leonards. They do sushi, pizza, burgers and salads - something for everyone! And everything I've tried there has been quite good, including the sushi, which surprised me!

    1. Around Costco / Stews is Maggie McFly's (think Cheesecake Factory but less chain-y). Rocco's isn't bad, typical italian, but may be a little out of the way (north of Costo on Federal Rd about 5 miles or so). There's a few in downtown Danbury if you want to go off exploring (i.e. JK"s Texas Hot Weiners is my go to place - very diner like, but great food and milkshakes) or TK's for bar food (probably not what you're looking for but pretty good wings in a dive bar atmosphere).
      Almost forgot Pepe's (Federal Rd, south of Stews) for pizza (that's worth the trip in an of itself).

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        Pepe's is predictable and a good suggestion.

        TK's (isn't it at the end of White Street) is good pub food.

        Avoid the Maggie McFly thing. Horrible...

      2. ugh gross I hate TK's, do yourself a favor and go to Stanziatos in Danbury

        1. Another thumbs up for Bluu, but according to their website they aren't open until 3 p.m. on Saturday:

          Pizza anyone? Pepe's is near Stew's. After I posted this, I saw Pepe's was mentioned above too. GMTA.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions! Think we will end up at Maggie McFly's as my friend is a very boring picky eater and the menu is vast so she will find something. Bluu looks great so maybe will have to try for another trip and plan on going to eat later - have had Pepe's and have enjoyed it immensely but just HATE the burnt parts if there are any - went to the one in Danbury and Foxwoods.

          2. The original comment has been removed