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Jan 7, 2013 08:36 AM

Restaurant Week Winter 2013

Just looked at the list--didn't see any of the usual "top" restaurants even offering a RW special. Only ONE option in Brooklyn. Wondering if it's even worth bothering with?

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  1. Certainly not as easy as it once was when more restaurants were involved. There are still some excellent choices, though in some cases the price differential between RW and any other time is minimal. Good examples would be Riverpark with a $3 savings on the prix fixe and Nougatine with a $7 savings. I'm sure there are many others.

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      I've had 2 RW dinners at Riverpark and they have been among the best I've experienced, RW or non. Are the pre-fixe examples you give for lunch only or are there pre-fixe dinner menus that I'm not aware of? Also like Park Avenue Winter.

    2. Even if the most formal restaurants aren't participating there are still a lot of very good ones on the list, such as:

      Cafe Boulud
      Boulud Sud
      Ai Fiori
      A Voce

      1. With limited number of decent restaurants (and even most of them offer repeated menu every year), I don't pay attention to that event any longer.

        1. Now that I've had a chance to peruse the list and make some reservations, I'm quite pleased with what's available. I visit NYC annually in January and have been enjoying RW for five years. Since I only live in the city a month per year, my general approach is to use previous experience with restaurants, followed by Zagat food ratings (I don't care as much about atmosphere and average service is OK), followed by reviewing the menus. Too often, excellent restaurants have very uninspiring RW menus. In general, if I haven't been there and the food doesn't rate 25 or better on Zagat, I take a pass, with a few exceptions. Unfair perhaps, but one only has so much time. I also tend to take a pass on certain ethnic foods that I know I can do better on by simply hopping on the #7. I was able to make 11 reservations and hadn't even reach the "O's" yet. Maybe I'll have to work backwards next year. Anyways, I'll be happy to eat at Riverpark (twice), Nougatine, Cafe Boulud, Ouest, Carlyle, Circo, L'Ecole, Ai Fiori, Il Mulino and Ruth's Chris (they don't have one where I live, and we had a great lunch there last year).

          1. I'm excited to try Lincoln for lunch - and Duo for an evening.
            Any comments on Duo?