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Jan 7, 2013 08:35 AM

Good cassoulet in Brooklyn?

Anybody know of any good cassoulet to be had in Brooklyn?

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  1. sigh, we just finished off the one I made last week. (:>)). Have you asked the Brooklyn Larder people?

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        I didn't know you were cassoulist! Mmmm

      2. Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights usually has a "wild game cassoulet" on the menu during the colder months, and it's fantastic - rich confit duck leg, usually a couple of different sausages (wild boar and rabbit, say) - it's usually a special, so I'd call and ask beforehand. (Sadly, they're not good about updating the specials menu on their website, so it's best to call...)

        Peaches Hothouse does a "Southern Cassoulet" with pulled duck & andouille sausage. Different, tasty.

        As to others... I'd bet Provence en BoƮte in Carroll Gardens and Fada in Williamsburg both have one, though I can't recall having ordered it at either.

        1. Ok so it's not Bklyn. But its close enough and you might be interested:

          And they have a cassoulet cook-off the day before.

          1. Thirstbaravin has made some great cassoulet before. Maybe not this month because it's so hot? There was a restaurant that closed in Williamsburg called Walden. Don't know what happened to those people, but they had a great cassoulet and decent naturalista wine list...