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Jan 7, 2013 08:21 AM

Littlefork - New in Hollywood

On their third night open, we visited for dinner. They've remodeled from the old Shin design, lightening-up the space considerably. Gone are the dark woods, replaced by light woods and a wood theme in general... but more like pine, not mahogany.

Since it's so new, I'm only going to focus on the hits and allow that the misses will work themselves out.

First, the oysters are deliciously fresh tasting, served nice and cold to great effect. There are three types to choose from.

The next great dish was the poutine. The curds were creamy, and the meat was thankfully not the "smoked meat" you would get in Montreal, for example. Rather, the meat had a smokey flavor, but tasted braised. I wasn't a big fan of Quebecios smoked meat, but I really liked this. Gravy is thoughtfully on the bottom, so the fries don't immediately get soggy.

Clam chowder was thick, chunky and flavorful as I like it.

And for sure save room for the Whoopee Pie dessert. The cake is a decadent devil's food, and the cream is fresh and not overdone.

1600 Wilcox (corner of Selma)

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  1. Sounds quite promising. How was the crowd? Did you make reservation (if they take them) or just walk in?

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      There was no crowd. I walked in and made a reservation the previous day. We were almost the only ones in the restaurant, but we went early. The waiter said they expect more of a late crowd, which kind of makes sense as it's Hollywood...

    2. Looking at the menu, I'm getting gastropub/comfort food? Is that correct? Interior looks a bit like Piccolo....

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        menu looks good! but as a side note, why must restaurants always do the menu as a PDF? pet peeve.

        1. re: mlle.emery

          I find pdf files to work great with my PC Windows 7 at home. Easy to enlarge the type and this sites menu displays perfectly. Yes it's a little more of a hassle (slightly more) with an Apple product, but still no biggie...

          1. re: Servorg

            hey, thanks for the reply servorg! glad i'm not the only one that has noticed... it's not so much the view, but the act of taking the time to open another program and save something on your computer. i know, it's minor, but for some reason it bugs me. it feels very web 2.0. I can't think of another industry that does this, not sure why the restaurant biz does...

            1. re: mlle.emery

              kind of OT but...why doesn't your PDF just open in browser?

              Not seeing how it would be more difficult on an Apple product, given Safari has native PDF support...

        2. re: ilysla

          JG described it as "elevated bar food" and I agree.

        3. Sounds like a small tine operation.

          1. Great meal at Littlefork:
            -Fresh and perfect oysters, wish we'd had more
            -Terrific maple egg
            -Smoked sturgeon & brisket (loved the johnny cakes, wish they'd serve more with them, we shoulda asked)
            -Kale Salad & Mushroom salad made loving veggies effortless
            -Cauliflower (great)
            - Brussel Sprouts, good, but I'm just so over the BS
            - Duck Confit - amazing, dreaming about this
            - Unlike the OP, wasn't knocked out by the Whoopie Pie, but perhaps it was overshadowed by the Maple Pie & Apple Cider Donuts - boom!

            Cocktails great. Wine list needs a little work.

            Can't wait to return.

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            1. re: revets2

              I too just had a great meal at Littlefork. We were wandering around the area looking for an interesting restaurant and just walked in. Weird from the outside. Pretty nifty inside. The standouts were:
              1, A pumpkin soup that changed the way I think of soups. I know that sounds extreme, but it had a homemade marshmallow type dollop (instead of a dollop of crème fresh) , along with pickled mushrooms. Sounds ridiculous. It was awesomely good.
              2. Monkfish that was made kind of like sand dabs, with an egg wash. Again, not traditional but really good. Added a nice texture.
              3. A rustic buttermilk pie. Not too sweet so it ended the meal in a nice way.
              I hope I wander into another restaurant that good soon.

            2. Just had dinner here tonight. Everything we had was delicious. As a transplanted East Coaster, it was the first spot out here that really reminded me of home.

              - Oysters fresh and tasty
              - Clam cakes were the perfect combo of airy and clammy. SO's first time trying them and he liked them so much we skipped dessert to have a second order.
              - Oyster sliders had a great crunch on the outside that was light enough to allow the meatiness of the oysters to shine through. Great bread, too.
              - Duck breast was our semi-random selection given we had seafood on the brain. It was some of the better duck I've had and the mostarda that came with it was a great complement.

              Prices were pretty reasonable for the quality and amount.

              Another thing to mention, the service was very friendly and attentive - and not in that faux Hollywood way you often encounter around town. They genuinely seemed excited to be there and proud of the food being served (something I observed with the surrounding tables, as well).

              We made reservations last minute through their website and were seated immediately. Could not have been more pleased with the entire experience. We definitely plan to come back to try the chowder, monkfish and more clam cakes.