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Jan 7, 2013 04:35 AM

Driving down east coast

I will be leaving next week on a trip from RI to FL. I would like to plan my stops based on good food and pretty places. I would like to include either savannah or charleston (ill definitely hit both both, one on the way down and one in may on the way up) so would appreciate suggestions in both cities as well as suggestions for other places to stop and maybe spend a night, little detours are just fine!!

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    1. Love Skipper's Fish Camp in Darian GA...I was totally shocked at how good the food it's on the marsh so the views are nice. I found it while driving our car down to FL in fall and back in Spring. It's a good stopping point and the people at the Hampton Inn recommended it for seafood. It's too close to Savannah if you're stopping overnight there, but it's really great.

        1. In NC there is a wonderful spot perhaps 25 min. east of I-95/Rocky Mount in Conetoe. Blackbeard's BBQ & C-Food has excellent eastern NC style bbq and terrific Southern cooking - the best of both worlds.

          Unfortunately the hours are limited - open Thurs. - Sunday only!
          In season they have the best rendition of fried herring (a spring ritual) that I've ever had.

          Some gps directions are off, so have the phone number handy just in case!

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            I'm trying this place today! Thanks! oh, crap - no I'm not - I just read you're note more carefully!

          2. Another wonderful stop east of I-95 would be in Kinston. For a truly wonderful meal which highlights local foods and traditions get your self to The Chef and The Farmer! Plan to stay nearby - you will be feeling too fat and happy to want to drive far.

            Dinner Tues. - Sat.