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Jan 7, 2013 12:28 AM

Bring on da Funke

I tried the Bucato (truck) porchetta sandwich this weekend and, if it is any indication, Evan Funke's brick & mortar version of Bucato will be another winner for Culver City. The porchetta (the only food item offered by the truck) is not huge but is a delicious and satisfying sandwich for $5, consisting of delicious, slow-roasted loin and belly with some chicharron added for crunch, served on a square roll from Rockenwagner that holds up nicely even though the ingredients tend to spill out the sides. I still give the nod to Mozza2Go's porchetta sandwich but prefer Bucato's version to that at Sotto.

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  1. Meat and Bread in Vancouver makes a better porchetta sandwich than any place in LA.

    That aside, Chef Funke is indeed good. I remember watching him making fresh pasta in Santa Monica. Really dedicated workmanship.