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Jan 6, 2013 11:55 PM

If Lucali and DiFara got in a fight?

I can only go to one of these places. Which is better.

Will be in NYC for 5 days but only one day in Brooklyn (Sunday). Coming in from SF. Reservations at Luger at 1:45, then going to see the Nets at Barclay Center at 6, so I'll be looking to get something to eat sometime between 8-9.

DiFara seems a bit more chaotic, but people say it's the best. They take their last orders at 8:30 and I don't want to be shut out if I get there a bit before that. Lucali seems like more of a restaurant and is open later.

What do you guys think? Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. If you add in the wait time at DiFara's, they will certainly close before you get your pizza. Also, if the game is at 6, you can plan on being at the Barclay Center until at least 9. Lucali is your only choice.

    1. Agree that Di Fara's isn't practical considering your timing. One good option that's also within walking distance to Barclays is Frannys Pizza on Flatbush Ave.

      1. There are also a bizzzillion good places to eat on 5th Av within walking distance of Barclays. Don't know of any specific pizza joints.
        We went to the game Saturday and walked over to Pork Slope for some excellent BBQ, Brisket and Mac and cheese. It's a hectic place. We ate at the bar.

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        1. re: Motosport

          Sottocasa is another good option near Barclay's

          1. re: Motosport

            This is true, but there are also a lot of not-very-good places to eat along 5th Ave. Someone already mentioned Franny's and Sottocasa, and there's also the newly opened Brooklyn Central Pizza, which is pretty good but maybe hasn't hit its stride yet.

            A little further south on 6th ave is Toby's Public House and Guiseppina's--"related" to Lucali's though I haven't been there, nor know anyone who has.

            1. re: egit

              Youre getting further and further away from the barclay center there.

              we love toby's but its not particularly close. Brooklyn Central showed promise on our one visit - excellent crust, topings were ok to pretty good, but we felt like there was room for growth.

              It all depends on how committed the OP is to getting pizza, i suppose. Me, id be thinking about the chances of slipping in late to Al di La.

              1. re: tex.s.toast

                Yeah, I know Toby's and G's are both pretty far from the Barclay's, and I wasn't going to mention them because I probably wouldn't make that trek myself (opting for something closer). But then the OP was talking about DiFara and Lucali...

                Al Di La is a great suggestion, even though there's no pizza.

              2. re: egit

                Oh, well, I'll vouch for Guiseppina's. It's wonderful and much less crowded than Lucali. Because it's so laid-back we've enjoyed it more than its popular sibling. Yelp claims it's open until 11:00 but you want to verify that.

                If the OP could get a car (like, say Aricebo or even snag a cab coming up 4th ave. it would be a quick hop. down there.

            2. DiFara won't work. You can head on over to Lucali (which is at its best later in the night) or go to Franny's -- just as good in a very different way.