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Jan 6, 2013 08:40 PM

Anyone Else Sick of Salmon?

My dear piscaterian father eats the stuff at least 4 times a week and always buys it whenever dinner guests are brought over. And we are not talking about fresh Sockeye (which I would gladly eat 4 times a week) but the frozen farmed squared stuff. I have tried to get him to start with other fishes such as eel, Mackerel, catfish to no avail. It appears as though flavour and not being pink are solid ground for exclusion. The worst is when we go to dinner parties where the hosts will serve salmon and everyone will hem and haw about how delicate the fish is and sophisticated the hosts are for serving it. Don't get me wrong - I have no ax to grind with salmon and can enjoy a well cooked fish with a subtle wine sauce. My problem is that too many times truly sub-par fish is being passed as edible merely because of the colour of its flesh.

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  1. Tell him that white-fleshed king salmon is more prized than pink.

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      you laugh -- I once had a chef stand in front of me straight-faced and tell me that salmon turns white when you cook it.

    2. The same thing goes or aji/bluefin tuna. I really enjoy them both as quality sushi, but they would be my last pick up as a farmed/frozen fish. The quality suffers too much whereas some cheaper, leaner white fish like tilapia the difference isn't nearly as noticeable.

      You might be able to get him to move to albacore or yellowtail, and explore from there. Black cod 4x a week? Don't mind if I do.

      It's a shame to pass on eel or mackerel.

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        I agree, but people tend to think that eels are gross and mackerel is nasty cat food.

      2. I can't eat it anymore because once the SuperTarget had Sockeye fillets (frozen) at $3.50 a pound and I bought 18 pounds, ate it all myself.

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          Wow! You definitely need to add that to the: "General Topics – I ate too much of it once..."

        2. The only salmon I eat is lox. Okay, that's not true. I also eat salmon nigiri once in a blue moon. I definitely don't eat cooked salmon.

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            I only eat raw salmon, too. Turned off by too much stinky cooked salmon. Luckily, no one has served it to me at a dinner party.

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              It's only stinky when it isn't fresh.
              No fish should be 'stinky'...when it is, it's definitely over-the-hii.

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                You can get rid of the stinky by soaking in milk.....but its still old or frost bitten fish.

          2. My husband was a commercial salmon fisherman. When the commercial fishery in our zone was closed he was still setting gear for other fish, and no one told the salmon not to swim into them. That year the cod fishery was very poor. My husband was regularly coming in with 1-200 lb of cod -- not enough to pay for gas for the engine. If the salmon in his nets were alive he'd release them, but he couldn't leave the dead ones to foul the bottom. Obviously we couldn't sell them -- so we ate them. Boiled, baked, fried, steamed -- hot, cold -- made into sandwiches, fishcakes or casseroles -- whole, in steaks, filletted -- breakfast, lunch, dinner. It's a wonder we didn't start swimming upstream. In addition to eating them, my poor husband and step-daughter were hauling and gutting them. It was all salmon all the time. After about 4 weeks of this, one night at suppertime I looked at the salmon in the pan, put it down on the floor for the cats and sent down to the shop for bologna.

            It's been almost 20 years, but I still tend to avoid it if possible.

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              Can I ever relate. So where did your husband fish out of if you don't mind me asking?

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                The west side of Placentia Bay, Newfoundland

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                  Very beautiful part of the world.
                  I fished off Brooks Peninsula, Vancouver Island.

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                Yeah, you need to post to the: "General Topics – I ate too much once" too!

                Did y'all experience any change in skin color?