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Jan 6, 2013 08:16 PM

What is Good at Beck's Cajun Cafe?

I have a $20 Groupon for Beck's that is getting close to expiring. What should I spend it on?

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  1. If you like bread pudding, theirs is the bomb!

    Classic, not gooped up with chocolate, berries, carame, etc, in an attempt to make it hip.

    1. The fried oyster po-boy is good. I get it without the mayo and pickles and grab some cocktail sauce from a seafood vendor next to Miller's Twist. Agree that the bread pudding is very good too. And the cornbread is good grilled.

      1. I've enjoyed their seafood gumbo in addition to the oyster po'boy bluehen recommended (although I do the mayo, no pickles). One caution - and this only happened once - but I picked up dinner at the end of the day and the red beans and rice had obviously been burnt and were inedible. They offer tastings and I'd take them before ordering now!

        1. My son said the gumbo is good and I've had a breakfast po boy- egg, cheese and andouille- that was very good.

          1. I like their fried catfish po'boy (although the Khyber's is better). Their gumbo is good but very spicy. They will let you try any of the prepared foods (gumbo, etouffe, etc.)