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Jan 6, 2013 08:06 PM

Yummy Donair - Persian Fast Food with a silly name

North Vancouver is home to a lot of Persian places. This one has a silly name, "Yummy Donair" is a bit off the normal cluster near Lonsdale, and instead down off Marine Drive. It also is more of a fast food style (order at the counter subway style) type place instead of a sitdown restaurant. Persian fast food, if you like.

I ordered the large koobideh on sangak for a very reasonable $6.99. It is also available in a smaller version (one skewer and one tomato instead of two of each) for an extremely reasonable $4.99. After ordering they fired up the skewers and tomatoes on the grill and prepared them fresh. Nice. When they were done cooking they removed them from the skewers using a nice piece of very fresh sangak (I think I saw them baking sangak in the back industrial sized kitchen as well!), add some fresh basil leaves, and a chunk of raw onion to make a very nice overall plate.

The koobideh was well seasoned and cooked perfectly so it was very juicy, the tomatoes had a nice char with the tender soft insides, and the ton of fresh basil added a nice flavour dimension. Wrapping a piece of the koobideh in a ripped off piece of sangak with some basil and a little bit of onion was such at treat!

Why couldn't all fast food be like this?

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  1. Thanks. The sangak looks great. Nice touch with the basil and onion too. Could be a nice change from my usual koodibeh plate with a mountain of rice at Yaas !

    1. You are correct. Their main business is actually baking sangak and selling it to local stores.

      Caspian opened recently on 18th and Lonsdale. Their specials are amazing. I think it is $5 for koobideh and $6 for barg and jujeh. I had some last night and it wasn't the best but amazing for the price. No complaints here.