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Jan 6, 2013 07:58 PM


Where is the best porchetta sandwich in town?

I've sampled Meat & Bread and Pronto Caffe and strongly prefer Pronto Caffe.

Meat & Bread had nicely prepared meat which was incredibly juicy, and it was topped with some cracklings to add texture as well as a green salsa to add some spice. The bread was a somewhat commercial tasting ciabatta that was past its prime. It was slightly stale, and a true shame to put such wonderful fillings on such a disappointing platform.

Pronto Caffe fresh baked the bread and it just came out of the oven (I'm assumed it was parbaked before, but it was hot and fresh tasting and worked well with a good crust). It was filled with juicy unctuous freshly made porchetta. They had a nice mix of meat, fat, and crackling to get wonderful flavour and texture contrasts. The herb mixture highlighted the delicious meats and everything was balanced out with a bit of lemon mayo. It was a very well balanced sandwich.

But I'm curious what other contenders are out there?

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  1. Big Lou's has a good one with chimichurri. They also sell it all rolled up and ready for you to roast at home. I followed their directions, and it turned out well. Should check out Pronto's again since their porchetta didn't have enough of the cracklings when I was there. I think Commune Cafe has been mentioned on the board as well.

    1. Haven't tried Pronto yet. Big Lou's is my fave, mainly because of the "bread problem" you mentioned at Meat and Bread. It's also bigger if size matters to you.

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        Thank you El_lobo and grayelf. I'm definitely going to check out Big Lou's!

      2. I can't say I have tried Pronto but Meat and Breads Porchetta has been known to cure the monday blues and even solve a fight with the girlfriend. Perhaps the bread wasn't the freshest when you were there but I know they do get their bread daily from Swiss Bakery. I know Cibo/Uva and La Pentola do porchetta although not in sandwich form and I have heard good things.

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          Here's how M&B's porchetta is made:

          Pronto's is alright, but I always find myself reaching for the salt shaker. And they don't put the cracklings in there :-(

        2. I've had inconsistent porchettas from Meat & Bread, Pronto & Big Lou's - but when at its best, I'd say Big Lou's wins for its sauce and cracklings. I've had one fairly cold and meh though too, so judge it when they're on their game.

          M&B should really just be called Meat...their bread doesn't live up to the hype.

          Pronto was great (and I had lots of crackling with mine), I just prefer Big Lou's sauce.

          When Street Meat had their porchetta special, the apricot moustarda was pretty awesome, but it's not a regular occurrence (and they're not on the street at the moment).

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          1. re: reiney

            I must have had bad luck at Pronto. 4 times out of 4 I had no crackling in mine (took off bun to check). Or maybe it was too soft/soggy to be noticed ?

            On a slightly different note, are there any places that serve Chinese roast pig (meat, crackling and all) in between a bun (ideally Chinese steamed bun with a light brush of hoisin) ? I know Fat Dragon (RIP) served a version of it with its half roast pig head. But I just need a couple of sammys.

            1. re: LotusRapper

              DD Mau does that. It is decent. Roast pork isn't made in-house and the skin isn't crunchy. Not bad for what it is and is a pretty good deal for lunch for Yaletown.

              1. re: fmed

                Thx Fmed :-)

                Have you eaten it ? Is it good ? Looking at their menu, it *should* be crispy:

                7. Crispy Roasted Pork $8.80
                Crispy roasted pork + scallion chimichurri + pickled veggies + cilantro + house aioli + jalapeƱos + cracklin.

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  I have had it many times. (Work around the corner). Yes - it should be crispy but it isn't. The meat and some of the skin is kept in steam trays. They do try to add cracklin when they have some left. It is decent - the pork isn't M&B quality - especially during M&B's lunch rush when they pull out roast after roast fresh out of the oven and slice it on the spot.

          2. Don't know if it's a contender as I haven't had the chance to try it yet but I just remembered that La Ghianda has porchetta sandos from time to time. They don't tweet what they've got going on so you'd have to call.